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3 Common Retail Shelving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

3 Common Retail Shelving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

In the years after WWII, retailers saw huge growth in the number of products they stocked. This inevitably led to a reduction in the selling space they could use for particular products. So, retailers had to start really thinking about which products they should display and where in their stores.

Nowadays, most stores have a pretty good idea about how to display their products. Yet, sometimes they overlook some of the fundamentals that could be costing them serious money.

In this quick guide, we’ll take a look at some common retail shelving mistakes that you should avoid. Avoid these mistakes to ensure that your store is on track to perform at its best.

1. Overcrowded Displays

To maximize the space you have to sell products, sometimes it’s too easy to overcrowd displays in your store. This can work in some stores where people enjoy sifting through various products, sometimes for hours on end! Yet, as a general approach, overcrowding displays is a no-no.

In a store where the shopper is looking for specific items, it can be a nightmare when many of the displays are overcrowded. Customers will end up getting annoyed and you’ll find they keep bothering staff members throughout the day by asking where specific items are.

The solution to overcrowded displays is to replan your display shelving setup and consider incorporating new aspects like gondola shelving. Such installations will be useful for highlighting popular products while decluttering your existing shelf spaces.

2. Dirty and Dusty Shelving

A failure to keep your shelves clean can translate into a loss of revenue. If dirt and dust stick to the products you’re selling, customers may feel put off buying them and go elsewhere.

Even worse, your reputation for being a “dirty store” may have a long-term impact on your reputation. Thus, ensure you have a proper cleaning schedule in place to ensure your store is clean all the time.

One issue is that the layout for shelves might not be so easy to clean. By changing display shelving, you can make the cleaning process much easier for staff members too.

3. Display Inconsistencies

If your shelving looks haphazard, it can look off-putting to customers. Installing retail shelving that flows seamlessly is the way forward.

Again, proper planning of your store layout is crucial to create the right flow in your store. Try to make it convenient and intuitive for customers to find what they need with little hassle, so you can make quick sales, again and again. And when you have similar shelving in place, any retail shelving maintenance you need to do should be a breeze.

Some Common Retail Shelving Mistakes Explained

You now know about some common retail shelving mistakes that you need to avoid. Overcrowded, dirty, and inconsistent shelving problems cause many stores to lose the profits they deserve. Make sure to correct any of these problems right away to get your store back on track.

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