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3 Benefits of Using SPC Flooring

3 Benefits of Using SPC Flooring

The global market size for flooring reached $388.24 billion in 2020. This market is thriving as more people are replacing the flooring in their homes with material that better suits their needs.

A popular choice is SPC flooring. It is a cost-effective choice with several other benefits.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of SPC flooring.

What is SPC flooring?

SPC stands for stone polymer composite. It is also sometimes referred to as stone plastic composite. This type of flooring has what is known as a rigid core, with a strong vinyl material on top.

SPC or SPC vinyl flooring is a stylish material that gives the look of real wood without any of the disadvantages. The core of the flooring is made up of limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride, and some stabilizers.

Benefits of SPC Flooring

Like all materials, SPC flooring has pros and cons. The main con to this flooring is that it can be slightly uncomfortable underfoot since it is so strong and dense.

But there are a lot of benefits to this flooring type of flooring.

If you’re interested in installing SPC flooring, check out for more information.

1. Durable

An SPC floor is one of the most durable on the market. Its rigid core means it is strong and can withstand wear and tear. This means it is a great choice for the living spaces in homes.

It is also waterproof so it does not damage as easily in the case of leaks and floods.

2. Cost-Effective

SPC flooring is one of the cheapest options on the market. It’s also easy to install.

SPC flooring uses a click locking installation system. This means you don’t need specialized tools to successfully install the flooring. It also doesn’t use glue or other harmful chemical compounds.

So the material and installation are cheap with this flooring. And since the floors are so durable you don’t have to replace or maintain them as often! This means these floors are the best for your budget in the long run.

3. Dimensionally Stable

Most materials expand or contract a little bit when they heat up or cool down. When materials experience temperature shifts too often it can damage them. But since SPC flooring has a rigid core it is dimensionally stable and does not do this.

Dimensionally stable flooring is always beneficial for rooms that have regular heat changes, like basements.

SPC vs WPC Flooring

Wood plastic (or polymer) composite (WPC) flooring is another type of vinyl flooring with a rigid core. This is also a popular choice.

WPC flooring is not as strong or as thin as SPC flooring. This means from a durability standpoint, SPC is a better way to go. SPC flooring is also more affordable.

Install SPC Flooring Today

The choice for your flooring is obvious. Install SPC flooring so that you get a durable, cost-effective floor in your home.

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