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A young man cooking over a camp fire during a kayaking trip on Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada.

10 Creative and Tasty Camping Trip Food Ideas

10 Creative and Tasty Camping Trip Food Ideas

48 million households go camping each year as of 2020. That translates to lots of tents, RVs, supplies, and food.

We often overlook it, but food can help make or break an experience. Either extreme leaves a bad taste in our mouths, so we never look back on the experience, or has us rave about it for years to come.

Thus, camping trips remain no exception.

Read on to learn some of the best camping trip food ideas!

1. Sausage, Fruit, and a Sandwich

Let’s combine sausage and fruit into a sandwich! This combination ensures a full stomach.

It also plays around with sweet and savory. Plus, it offers some familiarity with classic American food.

2. French Toast

This classic breakfast food remains one of many easy camping meals. It only requires the most basic items like bread, eggs, sugar, and a few others.

Such a dish stays simple enough so we can spice it up as we wish. For example, some people might add extra sugar, others might toss in fruit, etc.

3. Nacho Delight

Nachos embody comfort, ease, and versatility. We can add whatever we like to them, make them in a matter of minutes, and even eat them in an RV.

Heat them in a Dutch oven, over a campfire, or in a microwave. Plus, we’ll always have enough nachos to go around for everyone.

4. Chicken Pad Thai

Looking for fancy camping meals? Try chicken pad thai! Pre-cook the necessary sauce beforehand and bring along a camping stove.

Feeling lazy? Then buy some at a local store and easily heat it on the campsite.

5. Mac n’ Cheese

This classic delight pleases the entire family. It may sound cheesy, but we can quickly cook this in a Dutch oven and put a smile on everyone’s faces.

The kids love it; the adults serve it in little to no time—a win for everyone.

6. Trail Mix

Feeling hungry, but not hungry enough for a meal? Then try trail mix! Like french toast, trail mix comes in different variations.

This ensures we find something for everyone to like. Furthermore, it holds us over until the next meal.

7. Apple Crisp

Apple crisp lets us cook it over the campfire. Thus, it becomes a 2-in-1: a fun activity and a yummy treat.

This dessert keeps everything light and sweet, great for anyone to eat. Plus, we can even choose the type of apple to crisp.

8. Avocado Toast

This healthy meal also comes with optimal personalization. Choose the bread we toast it on, the components to mix the avocado with, and make it a sandwich!

This means it can serve as a meal or a snack. Pack this for the next trip!

9. Tacos

We can eat tacos on more days than Tuesdays. Additionally, we can make tacos out of all sorts of poultry and fish.

Add whatever spices the family wants, too! Tacos can easily cook over a campfire, after all.

10. Skewers

Skewers work similarly to tacos. We can stack virtually anything on them, then cook (again) over a campfire.

Skewers come with the added bonus of easy cleanup. Just eat off the skewer/stick and throw them out!

What are the Different Camping Trip Food Ideas?

Overall, camping trip food ideas come as varied as the campers themselves. We can find something for everyone and make the trip as memorable as possible.

Find what works for the family (whether that be lazy camping food or otherwise) and have a great time out!

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