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YouTube Live Stream: Tips And Details

Live broadcasts, streams, broadcasts, online interviews – the new must-have for every business that wants to be trending, get traffic, and loyal customers. And YouTube is the perfect platform for that.

Why should you use YouTube live stream?

You should clearly understand that streams help to create a strong connection between you and your customers, but they can also ruin your reputation if you prepare for the broadcast poorly.

What you and your business can get in short order with broadcasts:

  1. Recognition. Live broadcasts are another source of traffic that is never superfluous.
  2. A trusting relationship with the customer. YouTube live stream or another platform gives the business a “face” to whom people can meet and talk. If you’re just starting with broadcasts, buy YouTube views for live streams to create excitement during broadcasts.
  3. High ROI. Unlike pre-recorded videos that require a whole team and a large budget, live broadcasts require less money and, most importantly, time.

If you just go on air from your smartphone, it’s only a few hours of preparation and an hour to do the broadcast. Using the broadcasts permanently as a promotional tool is a one-time investment of $ 1,000. Moreover, you can repurpose your video and use it for additional advertising.

  1. Authority and trust. You know immediately what your customers need and respond quickly to disagreements. You can turn even the angriest customer into a loyal follower by showing them that you’re willing to listen, help, and improve your service.

How to promote YouTube streams and make money?

The global market for live streaming is expanding very rapidly. By 2027, its profits are expected to exceed $184.3 billion. Of course, we need a piece of that pie, too.

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In addition to all the resulting benefits of new customers, traffic to the site, and subscribers, you can earn money right during your live broadcasts.

  • Native stream sales. Show the product during the broadcast, call out prices, discuss quality, and show the product in action. This works with services, too.
  • Sponsorships, partnerships. Don’t forget that you can always make money by advertising someone or something during your broadcast. Yes, such partnerships are offered not only to popular bloggers but also to companies.
  • Choosing an idea for a live broadcast is not easy. You have to develop something new to target a specific audience and purpose. There is a certain base from which you can start.

Idea list for streams:

  • announcement of an upcoming event or review of events from your business area
  • interviews with company employees
  • Q&A
  • project overview
  • guide on how to use your product
  • online training
  • announcement of updates, discounts
  • stories about business, successes, and failures
  • joint broadcasts with colleagues
  • webinars and guest interviews
  • production, store, or office tours

Try to stay within 40 minutes or an hour. You should give more time to the live broadcast only if you are holding a webinar, a business event, or a meeting that requires a deeping. In other cases, we advise shortening the stream and stimulating the audience’s attention with gifts and bonuses: checklists, discounts, and so on.

Important tips for live streaming

Is it easy to speak on camera, remember the text, talk about complicated things with simple words, and look natural simultaneously?

There are a few important rules that can help you with your live broadcasts:

  • think well about the purpose of the broadcast and the expected outcome
  • find a quiet place and turn off notifications
  • find an important message; what examples and facts will you use
  • keep it simple – use simple words and sentences
  • record your presentation on camera several times until you are satisfied with the result
  • consistency is the way to go, do live streams and improve them

You can “sell” yourself as a specialist in your niche, thanks to live broadcasts. Yes, not immediately; you have to go from apprentice to expert. If you’re just starting in the online world, put a checkmark in your plan that says “go live.”

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