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Wrongful death case for Michigan mechanic settled just before trial

Femminineo said then that the Hawkins estate was suing the owner of the Wrangler for negligence, and not the dealership, because Michigan law prevents employees from suing employers for injuries that occur at the workplace. According to Femminineo, all potential damages would be financed by the dealership’s insurance company. Thompson was also named a defendant in the lawsuit.

A spokesperson for Femminineo told Automotive News on Monday that the judge placed a gag order over the settlement, which prohibits those involved with the case from discussing it publicly.

Femminineo was initially seeking $15 million on behalf of the Hawkins family.

An attorney representing the defendants did not respond in time for publication.

Automotive News is not identifying the customer in its coverage of this case because he was being sued as a proxy in a legal maneuver and had nothing to do with the fatal accident. A copy of the original lawsuit is attached to this story.

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