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Window Washing Tips: The DIY Techniques Nobody Tells You About

You have probably found dirt stains on your glass windows recently. You have tried reaching out to a Canberra window cleaner company. But did you know that you could DIY the window washing process if it required minor cleaning? 

With ever-changing weather, windows in Canberra are bound to have dirt settle on the glass. 

You might not have the time to get your windows professionally cleaned at specific points. Hence, it would be best to know how to DIY it. 

The Equipment You Will Need 

Irrespective of your window quality, the cleaning equipment must be high-quality. And for that, you can visit the nearest full-service hardware store and get yourself these products: 

● A 12-inch squeegee.

● A sponge, maybe a scrubber.

● A bucket that can accommodate 5 gallons of water. 

● Good-quality dish soap. 

● Small towels and rags without lint. 

● A ladder stabiliser and a ladder (optional).

The essential equipment from this list is the squeegee. So, ensure to keep it fitted with a new rubber blade with short anatomy. You could even purchase two/three extra blades from any Canberra store selling it. 

Pro Tip: Ensure to keep everything in your reach because you might get wet throughout the DIY process.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Window Cleaning 

Now that you have all the required products from your nearest store, you are ready to start the window cleaning process. And once you have everything settled, you can start following these steps and washing the window glass: 

  1. Create a window cleaning solution. 
  2. Start by scrubbing the glass. 
  3. Move on to cleaning with a starting stripline.
  4. Use the equipment across the top of the window. 
  5. Wipe the equipment clean (and change the blade if required). 
  6. Work down the window to wipe off the solution. 
  7. Wipe off the excess water with a cloth. 

In the meantime, throughout the DIY cleaning process, ensure to tilt, rotate and angle the squeegee accordingly. For example, tip the equipment when creating starting strips and press the blade when cleaning the entire circumference. 

Tips for Hard-to-Clean Glass Windows 

There are certain things that you might not be able to DIY. For that, you will need assistance from a Canberra window cleaner. As such, the impossible things to clean your window are: 

● Tree pitch 

● Bug droppings 

● Tough glass stains 

● Sticky residue 

You can try removing these using a nylon scrub after wetting the window. Meanwhile, ensure to use a rubbing motion to avoid scratches. Besides, you can use glass cleaning solutions to get rid of the tough stains. 

Even then, it would be a wise decision to put your trust in a window cleaning company in Canberra. 

Pro Tip: Never use a razor blade on tempered glass. 

Window washing is an easy process if you follow the steps carefully. A Canberra window cleaner company can come in handy for hard-to-clean glass. 

It would also help if you had all the equipment mentioned in this article to give your windows the sheen they deserve. Therefore, the squeegee would be your best friend while DIYing the process. At the same time, you should have a cloth handy to wipe off the excess water. 

Now, whenever you see dirt accumulating on your windows, you can clean it yourself. 

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