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Why did Nihar and Ruchita come as Englishmen in Dangal TV’s Mann Sundar?

Another interesting and exciting twist is coming in Dangal TV’s popular serial Mann Sundar. Nihar and Ruchita come home posing as Englishmen to take back all the property papers from Bua Sa’s hands, do they succeed in their planning, you have to watch this interesting episode on Dangal TV.

Shruti Anand, who is playing the role of Ruchita, said, “Something has happened in our Goyal family and due to which, we have become very poor. How long will we stay in our own house as servants, so with Nihar, we come to dodge the bua ji in the new getup and try to take back our property. Whether we are successful or get caught, you have to watch Mann Sundar. I am very excited to play Suzy, a foreigner. I am really enjoying doing this show, sometimes I become Parvati and sometimes I am in the look of a foreigner. It takes me more than 2 hours to get ready, put on makeup and am enjoying it a lot.”

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Shivam Khajuria, who is playing the role of Nihar, said, “The beauty of our show is that there is a chance to play different characters in it. It’s a lot of fun doing scenes with a great actress like Bua Sa. In this sequence, I have come as a businessman from abroad. Bua Sa has now become the owner of our house. I want to acquire my property back from her. I am trying to get my palace back somehow by trapping her with my tricks. It takes us two and a half hours for makeup to look real.”

Neena Cheeba, who won accolades for her portrayal of a Gujarati woman Sarita in Kumkum Bhagya, said, “I am extremely proud of myself that I have grabbed all the wealth of these people. Those who were masters have been made servants and the poor aunt who was poor is coming here and ruling like a queen.I am getting a different pleasure of shouting at people, getting angry at them. Nihar and Ruchita come to me posing as Englishmen, but it is not only difficult but impossible to dodge me. You guys watch this exciting episode on Dangal TV. Since Dangal TV is a free to air channel, it is accessible to the common people as well.”

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Manisha Saxena, who is playing the role of Nihar’s sister-in-law Ritu, said, ” Ritu’s character in Mann Sundar is completely different and now she has become poor. With the arrival of the character of Bua Sa, a lot of new things are coming in the show. Sometimes we are locked in a cage, now we have all become poor. Bua sa has taken the papers of the house, we all have done plotting for how to get those papers back from them. As per a plan, Ruchita and Nihar enter the house as foreigners and how they lure the aunt, what happens after that is worth watching.”

Nihar’s mother Aparna Ghoshal said, “Our viewers are shocked to see this new look of the Goyal family. This look is defining the concept of Mann Sundar somewhere. If the mind is beautiful then there is no need for luxurious clothes, jewelry and luxurious palaces. Viewers must be finding this new track interesting because of Bua Sa, all the royalty of the Goyal family has been snatched away. Nihar and Ruchita are trying their best that this stolen royal text can be given back to the father. Audiences will surely love Nihar and Ruchita as foreigners.” The serial Mann Sundar is aired from Monday to Saturday at 8:30 pm on Dangal TV.

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