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Who Has the Highest Broadcasting Rights in Sports?

Media companies are willing to shell out big dollars to secure sports rights. But as the number of cable-TV subscribers decreases, some existing holders might quickly see their worth diminish. Discover the best info about스포츠중계.

TV channels frequently acquire sports programs to raise or maintain rating figures, but is this strategy consistently profitable?

1. NBA

The NBA’s media rights are an invaluable revenue stream. NBA games are among the most-watched on cable TV, so broadcasting them pays dividends. As cable subscribers decrease, this may lead to the growth of other sports streaming services.

As well as national deals, the NBA negotiates contracts with local and regional television stations for broadcast rights to select regular-season and playoff games – these contracts can often prove very profitable despite ticket sales laxness.

2. MLB

MLB’s finances have long remained mainly unknown to the public; however, these broadcast rights agreements provide insight into their operations.

ESPN’s new deal covers 82 regular season games plus Sunday Night, Opening Day, and Holiday games plus one Division Series match each season until 2025.

Sportsnet and Reseau des Sports (RDS) in Canada both hold national rights to MLB games through 2022, broadcasting two regular season games and the All-Star game weekly on each network.

3. NHL

NHL’s rights are worth millions and have proven immensely profitable for large media companies such as NBC and ESPN.

Even though the NHL often ranks lower among significant sports in viewership, it still attracts an avid following. Therefore, ESPN and WarnerMedia’s Turner Sports worked tirelessly to secure its rights – they will air 75 regular-season games nationally across ABC and ESPN and stream them through ESPN+ and Hulu.

4. EPL

NBC secured rights for EPL in the US in an unprecedented deal worth approximately US$ 2 billion, marking a substantial increase over previous cycles.

Europe saw increased league rights thanks to Sky and BT Sport renewing their contracts; however, Asia-Pacific values declined even though China needed to be included.

Due to the sale and exploitation of exclusive rights, which restrict the number of games that can be broadcast live and reduce consumer choice.

5. Serie A

Though Serie A does not yet boast broadcasting rights comparable to England’s Premier League, progress has been made. Italy’s top club football division currently holds domestic rights contracts worth an estimated 2.8 billion euros with sports streaming service DAZN and pay-TV broadcaster Sky Italia over three years.

The league plans to release a series of tender schemes offering packages spanning three to five seasons with various degrees of exclusivity and pricing options to generate 1 billion euros in sales revenue for their subsequent sales round.

6. MLS

Media contracts are an essential source of revenue for sports teams, offering them a steady source of income without constantly needing to raise ticket prices or sell merchandise. For instance, ESPN, CBS, NBC, and DirecTV all hold broadcasting rights for NFL games that total approximately $20.4 billion each.

However, it should be remembered that price escalation for sports rights occurs at a different pace across both Europe and North America due to production costs having high initial copy costs for television programs.


FIBA is one of the world’s two most expensive sports leagues, with TV rights worth an estimated USD$300.4 billion. Their men’s championship can be seen live on ESPN, CBS, Fox, and NBC networks in America.

Regulations in Europe limit PSB channels’ financial capabilities when bidding on expensive sports rights, forcing sellers of these rights to balance maximizing exposure against realizing high prices.

This trend was especially noticeable for European soccer rights held by free-to-air channels; their fees were considerably lower when compared with US prices.

8. ATP

ATP is one of the premier tennis tournaments worldwide. Its rights are spread among various broadcasters – Amazon Prime Video in the UK currently holds exclusive coverage until 2023; however, Netflix may bid for these rights in the future; their sports portfolio already includes Formula 1, and expanding it might help expand ATP coverage too!

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