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When is the Lottery Drawing?

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Mega Millions drawings take place every Tuesday and Friday at 11:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (ET), with a jackpot that starts at $2 million and steadily climbs until it’s won.

Mega Millions

Mega Millions is a multistate lottery game offering mega jackpots and mega fun for just $2 per play, $3 with the Megaplier option. Players may select five white numbers between 1 and 70 on their play slip or request Easy Pick; the Lottery terminal will then randomly choose your numbers for you. Drawings occur every Tuesday and Friday night from 10 pm to 8:59 pm, with tickets available until 8:59 pm on the drawing day.

WSB-TV of Atlanta hosts the drawings, originally hosted by meteorologist Glenn Burns but currently hosted by Georgia Lottery broadcasters John Crow and Carol Blackmon since 2008. Adria Wofford joined them as co-hosts when both are available; Sabrina Cupit serves as a backup host if neither host can make an appearance.

Mega Millions jackpot winners can choose between receiving their prize in annual installments or cash. Winners must also pay state and federal income tax as well as city or town taxes in their state of residence, with New Jersey permitting anonymity while other states have public records laws that require their names and hometowns to be made public. For more information, visit the Mega Millions website.


The Powerball lottery is a multistate game played across 45 states plus DC and USVI. Established in 1992 as an alternative to Lotto*America, two drums are used to select winning numbers: one for white numbers and another for the red “Power” ball. Tickets must match three white numbers with at least three Powerball balls for success.

Drawings for Powerball take place every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 10:59 pm. The minimum jackpot starts at $40 million, with potential values reaching well into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Unlike other lottery games, ticket sales of Powerball do not cross state lines to determine its jackpot total; other prizes remain the responsibility and liability of individual participating lotteries that retain all revenue not used towards pooling for jackpot pools.

To purchase tickets, players must complete a play slip containing five game panels – two each in white and red grids – using black or blue ink to mark five numbers from 1 to 69 on the white grid and one number between 1 to 26 on the red grid. They can then add an optional Power Play feature at an additional $1 per wager.

Daily drawings for PICK 2, PICK 3, PICK 4, PICK 5, Wild Ball, and Treasure Hunt take place seven days a week at 1:10 pm. A Random Number Generator consisting of secure computerized systems selects random numbers for each drawing before placing them in animation format for viewing on the Lottery website after 1:35 pm.

Cash Explosion

Ohio Lottery’s Cash Explosion TV game show is recorded and broadcast daily throughout Ohio on local television stations. Each segment of this show offers players an opportunity to win cash and prizes; winners are announced the following day during its broadcast.

To be eligible to compete in the Cash Explosion lottery drawing, players must present a valid Cash Explosion Entrant ticket that reveals three times “ENTRY” or the Bonus box on an official Ohio Lottery Scratch-Off or Cashword ticket; alternatively, they may use My Lotto Rewards on the Ohio Lottery App’s official online entry system and enter just one ticket per person into this draw; Cash Explosion Team will contact those chosen as contestants via phone call or email and additional details regarding drawing procedures can be found on Cash Explosion Game Show Procedures page.

David McCreary has been co-hosting Cash Explosion since October 2007. He relishes the thrill of making dreams come true on the show while speaking at schools to encourage students to follow theirs. McCreary hails from Pataskala, where he now resides with his wife and son.

Lucky for Life

Lucky for Life is a lottery drawing game played across 22 states and the District of Columbia. First introduced as Lucky-4-Life in Connecticut in 2009, three years later, it became New England-wide, and eleven more lotteries joined in 2015. Today, it features two annuitized prize levels of $1,000 daily over time, along with nine cash prizes of $3 – $5,000 daily payouts.

Each play costs $2, and players may select five white ball numbers from 1 to 48 and one yellow Lucky Ball number between 18 and 48 on their payslip, or they can mark the Quick Pick box and let the Lottery terminal randomly choose them for them.

Before buying Lucky for Life tickets, please review its rules and regulations thoroughly. Once printed, Lucky for Life tickets cannot be canceled after purchase, and winning numbers can be found online and through Lottery retailers after each draw has taken place.

Winners must submit a claim form within 180 days from the date of drawing to claim their prizes, either via mail or at participating retail locations. Once their claim has been accepted, winners will be notified either by mail or in-store, and The Lottery reserves the right to use any winner’s name, city of residence, prize amount, and photo/likeness for promotional purposes without additional compensation or consideration.

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