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What to Look For in an Alienware PC

Having a PC from the Alienware brand can be a great investment. Not only do they make great computers, but they are known for having great performance and reliability. This is a great brand for gaming enthusiasts. However, if you are not familiar with the Alienware brand, you might be wondering what to look for in a PC from this company. You should also be aware of the brand’s origins. You might also be interested in the custom upgrades that you can make to your PC.

Origins of the brand

Founded in Miami, Florida in 1996, Alienware PCs have become a major player in the gaming world. The company focuses on designing and assembling high-performance PCs. They have a substantial fan base. Their designs and quality hardware components make them a great choice for gamers. They are also popular with graphic designers.

Alienware PCs are well-designed, rugged gaming rigs. They are available in a variety of colors, including Plasma Purple, Martian Red, Cyborg Green, and Saucer Silver.

Alienware is part of the Dell family, which provides purchasing power and economies of scale. This allows them to invest in Alienware. The company’s products are sold in nearly 40 countries around the world. They include desktops, laptops, and multimedia devices. Alienware has also introduced a variety of innovative products, including Alienware Graphics Amplifier, which helps connect the latest graphics cards to laptops.

Design of the PC

Earlier this year, Alienware introduced a refreshed design for its Aurora gaming PC. It features an updated industrial design that offers quieter operation and improved thermal technology. The company also rearranged the internal components to keep airflow flowing.

The new design includes a new window panel that reveals Alienware’s lighting and cooling technologies. The window panel also helps make component replacement and swapping easier. It measures 23.2 x 20.1 x 8.86 inches.

Alienware also announced a partnership with Team Liquid, a professional esports team. The team will work with Alienware on product development. Team Liquid athletes will train on Alienware products. They will also live-stream on Alienware products and help Alienware develop new hardware.

Alienware also introduced new products at CES this year. The company unveiled a new design identity called Legend. The vision board contains more than 1,000 images and design elements from science fiction, movies, and adjacent industries. The company has filtered these images into eight subthemes.

Custom upgrades

Buying a custom Alienware PC can be a rewarding experience. Not only is the PC a blast to build, but the company also stands behind its product with a lifetime warranty. You can even control the aforementioned machine from afar with the click of a button on your laptop or desktop computer.

The company has long had a knack for designing high-performance desktops and laptops that aren’t too heavy to carry around. Their latest model – the XPS 13 – features a modern Intel core i7 processor, a dedicated graphics card, and a nifty form factor that won’t look out of place in the office. The desktop also makes for a decent gaming rig, with the latest titles available in high definition.


Whether you’re a casual gamer, a multimedia developer, or a programmer, Alienware PCs offer high performance and a high-quality experience. With a variety of supreme quality components, you can choose the combination of CPU and GPU that is ideal for your task.

The Alienware Aurora R13 Gaming Desktop offers the latest in performance and convenience. Its powerful CPUs and GPUs allow for fast multitasking and a stable frame rate. The 12th Gen “Alder Lake” CPUs in this system are clocked to 3.6 GHz and maintain core temperatures of 100 degrees Celsius.

It’s 120mm AIO water cooler is not as quiet as you’d hope. While it does a decent job of cooling the components, it’s still very loud.

Thermal throttling

Whether you’re a gamer or a business person, thermal throttling can ruin your productivity. The reason is that computers are prone to overheating. This can lead to a shortened lifespan, performance reduction, or even system crashes. The good news is that there are ways to minimize or prevent thermal throttling.

One way to do this is to optimize your system’s cooling system. This includes a variety of processes, such as underclocking, improved cooling systems, and performance monitoring software. These can help you detect thermal throttling before it happens.

The most important thing to remember is that you should only operate your components at safe operating temperatures. For instance, a laptop should never operate at temperatures above 80 degrees Celsius.