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What Is the Best Way to Move Furniture Across the Country?

What Is the Best Way to Move Furniture Across the Country?

Did you know that the average cost of moving cross country is at least $5000? This is if you have a smaller house with few belongings. If you need to relocate a large family from a property with multiple rooms, you should expect to spend a lot more.

Then you must also consider the costs of moving a lot of heavy and valuable items like a grand piano, fridges, entire couch sets, and so on. Imagine if you throw in a few antiques into the mix.

This is why it is essential to know the best way to move furniture across country so you can try to save yourself some money. Otherwise, the balance you owe on your next relocation bill may seem long enough to be a phone number.

There are lots of ways to lower your expenses. Here is everything you need to know about the cheapest way to move furniture to another state without sacrificing all your savings.

Best Way to Move Furniture Across Country

The first step is to seriously purge all your belongings. This step would require going Marie Kondo during the packing stage. Although you do not necessarily have to pick up every item and ask if it brings you joy, it is always better to downsize before a big move.

Downsizing is the easiest way to save money if you are moving cross country. You will need less packing equipment and truck space, and fewer movers to help you carry everything. Always try to lighten your load.

Then you can focus on the cheapest way to move furniture to another state without having too many things that will lead to a costly relocation bill. If you are pressed for time, the quickest way to downsize is to host a yard sale.

Invite all your closest friends and family members to support you. A yard sale can also be an excellent opportunity to see everyone and spend some time before you leave. You can also donate your unwanted belongings to a local charity.

The more you declutter before leaving, the easier your relocation process will be. You will find yourself saving a ton of money when you have fewer unwanted things to move cross country with.

Research the Best Prices

Moving is a stressful experience. Understandably, many people want to limit their anxieties by finding solutions as quickly as possible. However, you should always shop around looking for the best prices to score a great deal. Avoid booking the very first mover you talk to.

It is always best to speak to a few different ones to understand the price range and have more negotiating power. Collect estimates from various long-distance moving companies to know how much you will likely end up spending.

You may also find that you do not pick the cheapest offer because another moving company may have included better storage facilities for an extra price. Since this level of research can take time, you should start looking for a moving company a few months in advance.

Remember that a lower price from a discount mover may not include a lot of extras that another more expensive company may provide without charging extra. In the end, you might end up paying the same, so going for the cheapest is not always the answer.

Several moving companies also offer discounts if you are a military member or a veteran. Another way to save money is to move during slower seasons like winter. This is when relocation companies are not busy, so they will be more inclined to drum up business by offering lower prices than usual.

Moving by Yourself

It is also possible to move cross country by yourself without anyone’s help. Instead of hiring a moving company, you can rent a truck and storage space on your own to get things done on a tighter budget.

Truck rentals are reasonably priced, so you should never have an issue hiring one to load all your belongings. Many companies offer one-way rental trucks that you can hire temporarily to cut costs.

Otherwise, another option is to pack everything into your car and drive yourself to your new destination. Always keep track of fuel costs and road tolls, which can add to your moving expenses. The easy way to move heavy furniture is to hire a trailer for your car.

This way, you can take advantage of getting your essential items across. However, this may not be an option for everyone unless you have ample space to leave things that you cannot take on one trip.

Not many people have reliable friends or family members to leave stuff with. You may end up doing the drive back and forth depending on how much you can load for each trip.

Use a Portable Container

The cheapest way to move furniture to another state is to use a portable storage container. If you invest in an inexpensive mobile storage unit, you can get rid of all your stress by cutting down many costs.

Portable storage will help you keep your things in one place until it is time for you to relocate. This is much more cost-effective than other storage options, and you do not need to rely on other people to keep things for you.

Having this safe space to store your belongings before and after your move can save a lot of money across the board if you want to relocate on your own. Here is how to choose the best storage unit before your lease is up to avoid all the hassle of finding a place to keep your belongings.

Make Your Move Easier Today

Now that you know the best way to move furniture across country, it is time to start packing. Always give yourself plenty of time to get things in order. With all these options, you can rest easy knowing that moving cross country does not have to be the biggest hassle of the year.

Although it does seem daunting if you do not know how to move furniture, you can always hire a portable storage unit and take your time moving things from one place to another. If you enjoyed reading this relocation guide, check out some of our other posts for more information.