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What is a Hyphen?

Hyphens are a part of speech used to join two words or parts of words together. They also are used to indicate a number or parenthetical statement. However, the correct use of a hyphen depends on the context of the sentence. Here are some common examples:

Using a hyphen to join two words or parts of words together

A hyphen is a word separator that links two parts of a word together. It is used between words with different vowels, such as the prefix “f” and the suffix “ly.” The hyphen is not used when a word begins with a capital letter, such as “flight.”

A hyphen is most commonly used to join two parts of a word. In writing, it is often used to join two parts of a word, such as a noun and an adjective. It is not to be confused with a dash, which can be used to separate two parts of a word.

Another example of when to use a hyphen is in compound modifiers. These are words made of two or more words that work together to form one single adjective. In these cases, a hyphen is used to connect the words so readers can understand that they are working as a single unit. For example, if the word “load” refers to a specific type of load, then a hyphen should be used between “load” and “bearing.”

Using a hyphen to indicate stammering or sobbing

Hyphens are used to join words with multiple meanings. They are often used with the prefix all or ex and the suffix -elect. They are also used for compound numbers and fractions of words, such as those from 21 to 99. Hyphens are also used to indicate stammering or sobbing.

Stuttering is a speech disorder in which a person’s speech is affected by a muscle tone. The muscle in the tongue tends to spasm when a person talks, which causes the speech to stutter. Stuttering can be caused by many things, including excitement or stress. A person with stammering speech tends to focus on short words and repeats them until they can get the word out.

Using a hyphen is common in written text, though it is less common than the em dash. It is typically used after a word spelled out in full, such as “cold war.” However, a hyphen is not necessary when a word is spelled out letter by letter.

Using a hyphen to connect numbers

Using a hyphen to connect two numbers helps make them easier to read and prevents confusion. The example to the left illustrates using a hyphen when a sentence involves twenty-twenty-four-hours. A hyphen is an easy punctuation mark to find on a keyboard. It’s also acceptable in many contexts, including non-fiction writing and informal communication.

The hyphen is commonly used to link two words, but it is also used in writing to denote a range. It also serves as a word break at the end of a line. The hyphen is also used to connect numbers spelled out, including those ranging from twenty-one to ninety-nine. It also helps prevent large spaces between words and unjustified margins.

In academic writing, numbers not part of a compound adjective should be separated by a hyphen. The hyphen is unnecessary for numbers over ten because they don’t act as a compound adjective. For example, presidential candidates must be at least 35 years old. Hyphenated numbers also help show readers that a word and number are one unit. If you’re struggling with your writing, try using Grammarly to help you with any mistakes you may encounter.

Using a hyphen to indicate parenthetical statements

A hyphen is a punctuation mark used for two or more words. In writing, a hyphen is usually placed between two words to avoid confusion, while a dash is used to separate parenthetical statements. Both types of punctuation mark the same thing, but they have slightly different functions. The dash is more dramatic than a comma but less dramatic than parentheses. It can also be converted to a dash. To add a dash to your text, you should press the hyphen key on the keyboard next to the +/= keys on your keyboard. You can also press the underscore _ key on your keyboard. Note that some Word programs will join hyphens, while others will leave space.

The hyphen is also used to separate two grammatically distinct groups of words. A hyphen is often used in place of an em dash. An em dash can interrupt the flow of a sentence, so it is better to use a hyphen to separate two parenthetical statements.

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