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What Are the Execs and Cons of Shopping for Lifted Vehicles?


Lifted Chevy Z71 pickup truck

At one time or one other, the ideas of many truck house owners and, to a lesser extent, SUV drivers drift to raise kits. What are the professionals and cons of lifted vehicles? Are they protected? How a lot do they price? Can you purchase a brand new truck or SUV with a factory-installed raise equipment? Does your native dealership’s elements division have permitted raise kits, and may the seller set up them? Is putting in a raise equipment a do-it-yourself job?

We reply all of those questions and extra. So, if you’d like a fundamental tutorial on lifted vehicles and raise kits, learn on.

From right here ahead, we’re going to shorthand “truck and SUV” to “truck” the place we will.

Lifted Vehicles: Selections to Make

Earlier than you leap into the deep finish of the lifted-truck pool, you may have a number of choices to make.

  • What would you like your raise to perform? Towing? Off-roading? Do you wish to improve your truck’s coolness issue?
  • How excessive would you like it lifted?
  • What’s your funds? In different phrases, how a lot are you able to spend?
  • What are the manufacturing unit suspension specs of the car you’re contemplating lifting?

What Is a Elevate Equipment?

Elevate kits are available mainly two sorts: physique raise kits and suspension raise kits. Each purpose to extend the space between the car’s physique and the bottom. Every accomplishes this mission in a particular and distinctive approach.

Homeowners need a lifted car for numerous causes, together with look, towing, off-roading, and so forth. Most of us can get pleasure from years of truck possession with the manufacturing unit suspension and floor clearance. Nonetheless, lifting is one other side of truck possession for a lot of house owners.

Physique Elevate Equipment

The only and most reasonably priced path to lifting a truck is with a physique raise equipment. To grasp how physique raise kits work, it is advisable to know the way almost each truck and truck-based SUV is constructed.

Vehicles just like the Chevy Silverado 1500, Ram 1500, Ford F-150, and others, and SUVs just like the Chevy Tahoe, the Ford Expedition, and extra are body-on-frame autos. In different phrases, meeting entails attaching a separate physique to a metal body and chassis.

Alternatively, cars, crossovers, and a few pickup vehicles just like the Honda Ridgeline have unibody development by which the physique and body are manufactured as a single unit.

You possibly can solely set up a physique raise equipment on a car with body-on-frame development as a result of the raise happens between the body and physique. A physique raise equipment usually consists of spacers you insert between the body and the physique.

Sure, physique raise kits do increase the middle of gravity. That physique raise kits could make already taller autos just a little extra tippy is an unintended consequence. Due to this fact, it’s best to fastidiously think about having your truck be top-heavy, particularly for off-roading autos. Furthermore, physique raise kits do nothing to extend a truck’s floor clearance between the undercarriage and the driving floor.

Though physique raise kits are inexpensive to purchase and set up, they will solely increase a truck’s physique from 1 to three inches. Nonetheless, this can be sufficient to fulfill an proprietor who solely desires to raise experience peak for look or to accommodate bigger wheels and tires.

Execs and Cons of Physique Elevate Kits

Listed here are a number of benefits and downsides of physique raise kits.


  • Value – Comparatively reasonably priced. Suppose $400 to $800.
  • Set up – In comparison with suspension raise kits, they’re additionally comparatively easy to put in.
  • Tires – If the purpose is to permit for bigger tires, they’re a wise solution to do it.
  • Appears to be like – Elevating a truck, even just a little, can add to its curb attraction.
  • Towing – Your truck’s towing capability or security shouldn’t be affected by a physique raise equipment.


  • Set up – It requires unbolting the physique after which lifting it off the body.
  • Appears to be like – The manufacturing unit bumpers don’t increase with the physique in almost each physique raise equipment. Furthermore, a physique raise might expose extra of the body.
  • Floor Clearance – Any floor clearance gained can be as a result of taller tires when you select so as to add them.
  • Dealing with – Lifting a truck doesn’t enhance efficiency and should make a car extra vulnerable to tipping by elevating the middle of gravity.

Suspension Elevate Equipment

Suspension raise kits are dearer and sophisticated to put in. Nonetheless, they will increase a car by a foot or extra. In different phrases, with a suspension raise equipment, there’s no restrict to the quantity of raise inside cause. Most factory-installed raise kits are of the suspension sort.

The place a physique raise equipment raises the physique from the body, a suspension raise equipment raises the physique and body from the axles. So, a suspension raise equipment will increase the peak of the suspension. The way it accomplishes this is dependent upon the equipment and the particular car.

You possibly can depend on changing a lot of the suspension elements. For instance, management arms, shocks, leaf springs, and so forth are nearly all the time affected. Moreover, relying on the peak, an aftermarket raise equipment might require changing steering elements, too.

The outcome, nonetheless, might imply improved dealing with and efficiency, particularly when off-roading. Extra wheel articulation, greater tires, and expanded floor clearance all contribute to enhanced off-roading prowess.

Spacer Elevate

One other technique for lifting the suspension is with spacers inserted between the highest of the shock absorber and its chassis mount. Their primary downside is, not like a full suspension raise equipment, they don’t enhance floor clearance. Spacer lifts aren’t the only option if excessive off-roading is your purpose as a result of they will trigger the coil springs to compress past a protected restrict.

As a inexpensive resolution to a suspension raise, spacers merely don’t supply the advantages of a full suspension raise equipment. Furthermore, they will trigger extra put on and tear on suspension elements.

Execs and Cons of Suspension Elevate Kits

We’ve assembled some advantages and downsides of suspension raise kits.


  • Peak – You possibly can increase your truck as excessive as you need, inside cause, when you spend sufficient cash on an aftermarket equipment.
  • Floor Clearance – A suspension raise equipment will increase floor clearance and normally offers extra wheel articulation required for excessive off-road rock crawling.
  • Tires – Generally, you may run a lot bigger tires with a suspension raise than a physique raise.
  • Appears to be like – If tall is nice, actually tall is best.


  • Value – The value of an aftermarket suspension raise equipment is dependent upon how excessive you wish to increase your truck. Consequently, you could possibly be taking a look at $1,000 to $20,000. Suspension raise equipment elements additionally have a tendency to wear down extra ceaselessly than the manufacturing unit elements, including much more price.
  • Comfort – Lifting a truck 6 inches or extra may make getting out and in of the cab a trouble.
  • Put on –There may be put on and tear on the elements of a suspension raise equipment, which could possibly be extra important than with the manufacturing unit suspension. The driveline additionally experiences further put on as a result of elevating the body and physique from the axles will increase driveshaft angles. All of that pressure means extra put on.
  • Towing – A suspension raise equipment impacts towing, and never in a great way. For instance, elevating the body raises the hitch. Chances are you’ll must make use of a drop hitch to compensate for added peak. Nonetheless, greater than seemingly, that may scale back the truck’s most towing functionality.
  • Insurance coverage – Checking together with your auto insurance agent earlier than putting in an aftermarket suspension raise equipment is smart. Many kits shouldn’t considerably impression premiums, however some will.
  • Guarantee – In case your truck continues to be underneath warranty, a suspension raise equipment may void some elements of the contract. You may additionally want further protection for the lift-kit elements.
  • Resale – An inexpensive-height aftermarket raise equipment in all probability gained’t damage the resale value if you will discover the precise purchaser. The truth is, with that purchaser, it’d even enhance resale worth. Nonetheless, any car customizing will scale back your pool of potential patrons.

What Is a Leveling Equipment?

Some vehicles roll off the showroom flooring with a front-to-rear rake, the place the rear is barely taller than the entrance. This little bit of engineering compensates for rear-end sag when hauling or tugging heavy masses. To offset this distinction, you may set up a entrance leveling equipment to convey the entrance of the truck on stage with the rear. It’s going to additionally enhance the clearance between the entrance bumper and the street floor.

An aftermarket leveling equipment is a comparatively simple set up that may set you again $200 to $600.

What Else to Take into account?

We’ve thought of some issues you might not have when pondering a raise equipment.

Lifted Nissan Titan pickup truck

Parking – An enormous car is already a trouble to park. Jacking it up 6 or 8 inches solely makes parking tougher. If lined parking is necessary, it’s essential to decide how tall a car will slot in your storage. Furthermore, when you reside in a neighborhood with a owners affiliation (HOA), it might have guidelines relating to lifted vehicles.

Rules – Talking of guidelines, your state might have rules a few car’s bumper and headlight peak. Until you propose on trailering your lifted car to off-roading websites, the truck shouldn’t exceed your state’s peak limits.

Mileage – Elevate kits on their very own don’t have a lot impression on fuel economy. Nonetheless, suspension raise kits can add some weight. Chances are you’ll discover a discount in gas financial system with the selection of tires. Lifting a truck is commonly adopted by greater, heavier tires. All of this gained weight and elevated resistance burn additional gas.

Can You Set up a Elevate Equipment Your self?

Nicely, you may give raise equipment set up a strive. Many shade-tree mechanics achieve this and fairly efficiently. In fact, a suspension raise equipment is extra concerned and time-consuming to put in than a physique suspension raise equipment.

In a single case, it’s essential to have the means to raise the physique from the body. Within the different case, it’s essential to be capable to raise the body and physique from the axles. Each installations require a very good flooring jack and jack stands. Your software arsenal should additionally function a socket set and ratchets. Whether or not it’s an influence drill with socket fittings or a pneumatic setup, you’ll save time and elbow grease over doing every little thing manually.

Should you store fastidiously on your raise equipment, it should comprise every little thing you want. Some suspension raise kits don’t embrace the shocks, which lets you select precisely the shock you favor. The Mopar kits we reference beneath are full kits.

The set up time is a perform of your mechanical aptitude, expertise with raise kits, and the car mannequin you might be lifting. Even with all of the required instruments and jacks, putting in a suspension raise equipment will take 12 to twenty hours. A do-it-yourselfer with all the suitable instruments will want 8 to 12 hours to put in a physique raise equipment.

Manufacturing facility Lifted Vehicles

Some truck and SUV fashions arrive in showrooms with a factory-installed raise. These are nearly all the time purpose-built off-roading trim ranges. The first benefit of a factory-installed raise equipment is its price is folded into the truck’s retail worth and lined by the manufacturing unit guarantee. The drawback is that these lifts are constrained to a couple inches.

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk

Examples of Manufacturing facility-Lifted Vehicles

  • 2022 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 – Elevate Peak: 1.9 inches over the usual Colorado 4×4 Crew Cab.
  • 2022 Ford F-150 Raptor – Elevate Peak: 2.6 inches (35-inch tires) over the usual F-150.
  • 2022 Ford Ranger Tremor – Elevate Peak: 0.8 inches over the usual Ranger.
  • 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk – Elevate Peak: 2.9 inches over the usual Grand Cherokee.
  • 2022 Ram TRX – Elevate Peak: 2.0 inches over the usual Ram 1500.
  • 2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD Professional – Elevate Peak – 1.5 inches entrance/0.5 inches rear over the usual Tacoma.

Peak-Adjustable Suspensions

Numerous truck and SUV fashions supply factory-installed adaptive air suspensions with an adjustable-height function. Typically such options are reserved for higher trim ranges however not all the time. Adaptive air suspensions use sensors to watch the driving floor relentlessly. They then alter the damping at every wheel in lower than a blink of an eye fixed in response to altering floor situations and driver conduct.

When adaptive suspensions present some height-adjustment scheme, it’s most frequently driver managed. Normally, a change, toggle, or button is offered with which the driving force can increase or decrease the car. Extra subtle ride-height programs, like that within the new Jeep Grand Wagoneer L, supply a number of preset heights designed for various duties. For instance, the Grand Wagoneer L’s Quadra-Elevate has 5 presets: Regular (8 inches), Off-road 1 (9 inches), Off-road 2 (10 inches), Park (6.4 inches), and Aero (7.4 inches).

Normally, excessive settings can have a low-speed restrict restriction. The Lexus GX referenced beneath gained’t shift into its HI mode when the car pace exceeds 18 mph. The excessive settings are nearly solely for off-road use.

Examples of Vehicles and SUVs with Adjustable Experience Peak

2022 Rivian R1T

  • 2022 GMC Hummer EV Pickup – Experience Heights: Customary (10.1 inches), Terrain (11.9 inches), Extract (15.9 inches).
  • 2023 Jeep Grand Wagoneer L – Experience Heights: Regular (8.0 inches) Lowest (6.4 inches), Highest (10 inches).
  • 2022 Lexus GX 460 – Experience Heights: Regular (8.1 inches), HI (9.7 inches), LO (7.3 inches).
  • 2022 Rivian R1T – Experience Heights: Regular (8.7 inches) Excessive (14.9 inches).
  • 2022 Volvo XC90 – Experience Heights: Regular (8.8 inches), Low (8.3 inches), Excessive (9.9 inches).

Vendor-Put in Elevate Kits

Mopar is the model of unique tools elements provided in Stellantis dealerships, together with Jeep and Ram. Mopar engineers and builds raise kits offered via the elements departments of Jeep and Ram. For instance, you should purchase a 2-inch suspension raise equipment for a 2020-2022 Jeep Gladiator for $1,695. It arrives with all of the elements required, like 2.5-inch aluminum physique monotube Fox shocks, longer entrance management arms, and so forth.

A 2-inch suspension raise equipment for 2021 and 2022 Ram 1500 fashions will set you again $1,530. As with the Gladiator equipment above, this equipment accommodates each element required to realize raise.

Set up Prices Range by Vendor

Sadly, even in case you have one in every of these kits put in on a brand new car you’re buying, the fee can’t be folded into auto financing. And though these kits gained’t void the car’s manufacturing unit guarantee, they aren’t lined both. Nonetheless, Mopar raise kits include their very own restricted guarantee.

Ford and General Motors don’t supply raise kits via the elements departments of their dealerships.

Execs and Cons of Elevate Kits

We’ve detailed what we consider to be the nice, the unhealthy, and the ugly with physique raise kits and suspension raise kits. Now we’ll lay out some normal pluses and minuses of lifting a truck.


  • Visibility – Little doubt about it, the upper you sit, the extra you may see.
  • Tires – No matter the kind of raise equipment, you may run bigger tires, whether or not for appears or off-roading.
  • Look – The taller a truck, the extra rugged it appears.


  • Mileage – Lifting a truck normally entails greater tires, too. Bigger tires with deeper grooves sap gas financial system.
  • Middle of Gravity – Lifting a truck additionally raises its middle of gravity. This may render the car much less steady when cornering or throughout emergency-avoidance maneuvers.
  • Value – Lifting a truck entails further price, whether or not it’s a manufacturing unit raise, a dealer-installed raise, or an aftermarket raise equipment.

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