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Vollebak Graphene Jacket Review

A Vollebak Graphene Jacket is made of a very cool material called Graphene. This is a material that conducts heat better than any other material in the world. It is also anti-static and hypoallergenic. If you’re looking for a new jacket for your next adventure, you can’t go wrong with a Graphene jacket.

Graphene is the world’s most extreme material

The Vollebak Graphene Jacket combines the world’s most extreme material with a lightweight and breathable membrane. The graphene on one side of the jacket conducts heat away from the body, while the polyurethane on the other provides a waterproof layer up to 10,000mm. In addition, it disperses moisture away from the body, making the jacket ideal for active wearers.

It conducts heat better than any other material

The Vollebak graphene jacket is one of the few jackets on the market that conducts heat better than any other material. It is made of two different types of fabric – one side is coated with graphene, and the other side is made from high-strength nylon. Graphene conducts heat from warmer body areas to colder body areas, effectively balancing your body temperature.

It is hypoallergenic

Graphene is an extraordinary material, exhibiting high heat conductivity. Its use in jackets is an exciting step forward in the development of conductive materials. This jacket uses graphene on its inside layer, which is bonded to a layer of nylon. The conductive properties of this material make it excellent for absorbing body heat, regardless of how it is worn.

It is anti-static

The Vollebak Graphene Jacket is a lightweight, anti-static jacket made from graphene. The graphene-coated jacket is made from eighty-five percent nylon and fifteen percent elastane. Despite the lightweight construction, the jacket is highly conductive and able to conduct heat and electricity. A prototype of the jacket was capable of powering a light bulb. The finished version is more resistant to electrical currents and is bacteriostatic and non-toxic.

It is non-toxic

The Vollebak graphene jacket is made of an innovative material called graphene. The material’s inward-facing graphene layer conducts electricity. Prototypes of the material could light a bulb with the current it carried. However, the final jacket has much greater resistance to electricity.

It is breathable

The Vollebak Graphene Jacket is an ultra-breathable jacket that has graphene on both the inside and outside of the jacket. Wearing graphene on the inside provides the most benefits, but wearing it on the outside has some unique advantages, as well. The graphene on the outside absorbs heat and distributes it over the body. It also has bacteriostatic properties, which inhibit the growth of bacteria. This means that you won’t sweat much or have to worry about odor-causing bacteria.

It is thermoregulating

The Vollebak graphene jacket is a lightweight, reversible jacket with a polyurethane membrane and graphene on one side. It is made of 85 percent nylon and 15 percent elastane. It weighs a mere pound, yet offers a high degree of thermoregulation. It is also highly breathable and is waterproof.

It is waterproof

The Vollebak Graphene Jacket is the world’s first waterproof jacket made from graphene. Graphene is an atom-thick layer of carbon, and it’s the strongest material yet discovered. It is also incredibly flexible and conductive. Because of these properties, graphene can be used in a variety of applications, from the construction of electronics to clothing.