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Types of Dress Shoes for Men

Every man should have at least one pair of good dress shoes. There will be instances where they need to wear a suit, and when those moments happen, they must make sure they have the dress shoes to match. It may come as a surprise to some, but there are many dress shoes available to men these days, and it is a good idea for men to learn the different types so they know which one will look the best at any event.

The Oxford

The first type, the Oxford, is considered timeless and the most basic dress shoe a man can own. If they are unsure what shoe to buy, this is the perfect starter dress shoe. It is versatile and can quickly go from daily wear to a more formal event.

A way to identify this shoe is by looking at the lacing. It has what is known as “closed lacing,” which means the facing of the shoe is connected under the vamp. This makes the shoe have a slimmer silhouette that contours the foot closely. These shoes are also popular because they are considered minimalistic in their style, making them perfect to pair with almost any outfit.

The Loafer

Another more common dress shoe you can find at Browns Shoes is the Loafer which is closely related to a moccasin, only a bit more dressed up. They are popular because they can slip on their foot and most likely come in a brown shoe color.

These dress shoes most often have what is known as a saddle, a bit of decoration that could be as simple as a strap along the shoe, some metal ornament, or even tassels. Something distinctive of a Loafer is its signature seam that runs along the toe and is slightly elevated. There is also a more casual alternative to this style known as a driving moccasin, which is usually made with a softer material and does not have as much structure. Most people will wear Loafers with more casual outfits, but the more embellished they are, the more formal they become.

The Derby

One dress shoe that is closely related to Oxford is the Derby. It is just not as dressy as the Oxford is. They are so closely related that they are often mistaken for an Oxford, but the big difference between the two is that the Derby has an open lacing, which means its facing is connected to the top of the vamp. This creates a broader fit for the man and is usually more comfortable.

In general, men can wear these shoes the same way they would wear the Oxford, but since Derby’s are considered more casual, they may not be the best to wear with a formal suit.

The Dress Boot

The Dress Boot is a men’s shoe related to both the Oxford and the Derby for styling. The big difference is its extended shaft. In addition, it is a shorter lace-up boot that usually features a wingtip brogue along the seams at the toe.

These boots can be worn with a formal suit, as long as it is sleek, has thinner laces, and is not too stocky. In addition, the soles of the Dress Boot should make it immediately clear that it is a high-top dress shoe and not a clunky boot. Usually, they can be considered formal if they are made of good quality brown or black leather. This way, they will compliment a suit perfectly.

When deciding which dress shoe to get, the best thing to remember is where these shoes will be worn the most and base the final decision on that.

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