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Triple H poses with nephew Declan McMahon at his high school graduation ceremony

In a recent post on Instagram, professional wrestler Triple H was seen posing with his nephew Declan McMahon as the two celebrated his high school graduation. Declan is the son of Triple H‘s brother-in-law, Shane McMahon who is currently in stormy waters with WWE as his plan of facing Seth Rolling in WrestleMania was scrapped by the company.

In his post, Declan strikes silly poses with his uncle who looked dashing in his light-coloured suit. Declan posted an array of snaps from the ceremony which had two clicks with triple H as in another photo the wrestler was captured in the midst of his rumbling laugh. Declan has passed out from Poly Prep Country Day School in Brooklyn, New York.

Check out Declan McMahon’s Instagram post with Triple H below:

Meanwhile, besides Declan’s dad Shane his aunt Stephanie McMahon also recently decided to take some time off the company. Stephanie McMahon, a professional wrestler at WWE, announced her leave of absence in the light of her need and want to spend more time with her family. While the company is looking for her replacement, her husband Triple H has decided to work with WWE full time once again. 

However, The Game has been on the lay since he dealt with a health scare earlier this year which prompted his retirement from in-ring matches. Fans were highly remorseful on hearing the news yet extended their support for the suffering wrestler. Later, Triple H made a shocking revelation as he confirmed that he was dealing with the effects of pneumonia and the added stress of heart complications.

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