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Transform 2020: Women in AI and AI Innovation Awards winners


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SAN FRANCISCO – VentureBeat is proud to announces the winners of the 4th Women in AI Awards and its 4th AI Innovation Awards.

The Women in AI Awards honors women leaders, mentors, researchers and entrepreneurs who are transforming the AI industry. This year, over 200 women were nominated over five categories, and we’re delighted to introduce our winners.

VentureBeat’s 4th AI Innovation Awards recognizes and awards noteworthy, compelling, innovative and successful AI initiatives in five categories: Conversational AI, Applied AI, AI on the Edge, AI for Good and AI Innovators (startups less than two years old and with no more than $30 million in funding). 

Women in AI Awards

Responsibility and Ethics of AI

This award honors a woman who demonstrates exemplary leadership and a commitment to progress in advancing responsibility and ethics in the field.
Winner:  Triveni Gandhi, Responsible AI Lead, Dataiku

AI Entrepreneur

This award honors a woman who has launched an AI company that shows great promise. Consideration was given to factors such as business traction, the technology solution and impact in the AI space.
Winner:  Devaki Raj, CEO and Co-founder, CrowdAI

AI Research

This award honors a woman who has made a significant impact in AI research, either by helping accelerate progress in her organization, as part of academic research, or impacting AI innovation.
Winner:  Dr. Ranit Aharonov, Chief Technology Officer, Pangea Biomed

AI Mentorship

This award honors a woman leader who mentored other women in the AI field by providing guidance and support/encouraging more women to enter the field of AI.
Winner:  Belén Sanchez Hidalgo, Senior Data Scientist, Team Lead, DataRobot

Rising Star

This award honors a woman in the early stages of her AI career who has already demonstrated exemplary leadership traits.
Winner:  Jigyasa Grover, Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Twitter

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AI Innovation Awards

Conversational AI

Built on natural language processing (NLP), natural language understanding and other machine learning (ML) technologies, today’s conversational AI applications go far beyond chatbots. This award will highlight the sophistication, scale and effectiveness of conversational AI, which is shaping the customer experience.
Winner: LivePerson

Applied AI

The field of AI is rife with new ideas and compelling research, at an increasingly blistering pace, but the practical applications of AI matter to businesses right now, whether that’s robotic process automation (RPA) to reduce human toil, or streamlined processes, or more intelligent software and services or other solutions to real-world work and life problems. 
Winner: Snorkel AI

AI on the Edge

Today’s AI applications and workflows go far beyond the cloud, moving to edge devices closer to human activity – even reaching as far as users’ mobile devices. This award goes to a company taking AI in distributed computing to the next level. 
Winner: Radius AI

AI Innovators

Focused on companies that have raised $30 million or less in funding and have been in operation for two years or less, this award spotlights a startup that holds great promise for making an impact with its AI innovation.
Winner: Known Medicine

AI for Good

This award is for AI technology, the application of AI, or advocacy or activism in the field of AI that protects or improves human lives or operates to fight injustice and bias, improve equality and better serve humanity.
Winner: Urban Institute

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