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Top 5 Horror Games on Roblox

Whether you’re looking for a horror game to play on Roblox, or you’re just looking for some good horror games, there are plenty of great options out there. From zombies to monsters to ghosts, there are plenty of creepy options out there.

Alone in a Dark House

Whether or not you like horror games, you’ll be happy to know that Roblox has made a few spooky entries. There’s Alone in the Dark, Bloody Vegas, and Bloody Tiki. You can play solo or in teams of two or more. And you can do it all on the slick new Roblox platform.

The best part of all is you’re not the only one who is playing. In fact, there are over a million active gamers on Roblox alone. This is a great way to get little competitive juices flowing.

Eternal Insolence [MEMENTO MORI]

Among Roblox’s glut of free-to-play games, Eternal Insolence stands out for being the most impressive. The game boasts a large selection of quality content and a robust user interface that will keep players entertained for hours on end. Featuring a wide variety of challenges to challenge players of all skill levels, the game is a definite must-have. The game is available for Windows and Mac OS and is compatible with all versions of Roblox. A notable feature of the game is the ability to play it in multiplayer modes.

Attack of the Killer Dolls

Whether you are looking for a Roblox horror game to play alone or with a friend, there are plenty of creepy Roblox games for you to choose from. These games range from single-player, to multiplayer games and even team-based games. Some of them are quite scary, while others aren’t. These are some of the best Roblox horror games you can play.

Attack of the Killer Dolls on Roblox is a shooting game that’s fun and exciting, but it’s also quite scary. There’s a killer doll in the game that will kill you in one chop.

Insane Elevator

Originally called Casual Elevator, this game is still going strong, with over 364 million visits to date. The game has a number of floors, each with its own unique theme. These include the requisite lobby and NPCs, but also a Gladiator arena and Fake Mustaches. You can even purchase an insane-speed potion that gives you +19 HP per second. It’s also been updated to include new items and a max player count of seven.

The Mimic is a great example of how Roblox has pushed the envelope by incorporating elements from other platforms into its own. The game is divided into four segments and features plenty of jump scares and unexpected noises.

The Haunted Imperial Hotel

Designed for co-op play, The Haunted Imperial Hotel is a spooky and immersive horror exploration game. You play as a private eye tasked with finding the answers to a number of mysteries in a large, abandoned house.

The game features a number of puzzles, jump scares, and other interesting features. This game is a perfect choice for a group of friends. It also allows you to play in multiplayer mode.

In The Haunted Imperial Hotel, you play as an explorer navigating through an abandoned hotel. You must solve puzzling puzzles, overcome obstacles, and solve mysteries.

Dead Silence

Amongst the numerous games available on Roblox, Dead Silence is one of the most popular. It is a story-based multiplayer horror game. It can be played by up to three players at a time.

In the game, the players are tasked to investigate a murder. The investigation involves the characters navigating through dark and mysterious tunnels and finding a key. There are also many Jumpscares in the game. These are scenes that scare viewers due to the sudden visual field in the current scene. The game also has an excellent sound design.

Finders Keepers

Using a first-person perspective, Finders Keepers is a paranormal investigation game. In this game, you play an investigator who’s trying to find out what happened to a family that lives in an abandoned house. You’ll have to collect clues and search for discs that will help you find the family. The discs are supposed to free a demonic entity that haunts the house. You will also have to avoid the dark entity.

Finders Keepers is a horror game based on the lives of Ed and Lorraine Warren. You’ll be playing an investigator who specializes in paranormal investigations. You’ll have to search for clues and solve puzzles in order to find out what happened to the family.