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Top 5 Graphic Design Companies in San Diego

Great design is essential to the success of any business. It helps people recognize your brand and perceive you as reliable.

San Diego’s top creative agencies possess the experience needed to boost your brand’s visibility. From branding agencies and web design firms to video production studios and advertising firms – here you’ll find everything you need.

Coe Design

Coe Design in San Diego, California offers branding and design services with a team of no more than 10. Additionally, they specialize in advertising campaigns as well as product designs.

Coast Digital was launched as a social media marketing agency in 2019. Together with their growth marketing agency partners, they crafted an ad for one of their customers after becoming familiar with both brand and product details.


Visceral provides a comprehensive range of services, such as digital marketing, branding, and SEO. Their headquarters is in San Diego with 15+ employees on staff.

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INCITRIO Marketing Agency offers four main branding packages – brand foundation, refreshment, support, and acceleration. In addition, INCITRIO also provides marketing strategy services, social media marketing support, graphic design assistance, and graphic design work.

Their team of fewer than 10 professionals specializes in branding and packaging design, helping a food startup create its name and visual scheme, business cards, and marketing materials.

2POINT Agency

2POINT Agency, founded in San Diego over ten years ago, provides top-of-the-line web design, app development, and advertising. Their top-of-the-line services include web design, app development, and advertising – boasting an international client list and featuring 20 employees who work tirelessly on each account. Their marketing specialists pride themselves on offering an outstanding customer experience.


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Grizzly Creative Agency was established in 2008. They offer branding and marketing services.

Based in San Diego and devoted to helping their clients succeed online, their team of designers and writers works tirelessly together to produce striking imagery that resonates with customers.

Professional Services Group also specializes in search engine optimization and social media marketing for clients across the country.


Mindgruve Media Agency provides media planning and buying services as well as advertising, web design, and web development to clients based in San Diego and Santa Monica California.

They designed and created a website for a mobility product retailer and carried out SEO, SMM, and online reputation management to boost Google rankings and organic traffic. Furthermore, they produced logo and brand video designs. Customers responded positively and the client expanded its social media channels.

Fifty & Fifty

Fifty & Fifty is a San Diego-based team specializing in branding, design, web development, and search engine optimization services for companies within health care, e-commerce, and dental industries.

They have revamped a website for a coffee and tea supplier, working closely with them to meet all their requirements. Furthermore, they assisted them with their rebranding by providing insights on brand presentation, messaging, and design assets.

Second Sight Design

Second Sight Design, founded in San Diego in 2019, offers branding and web design services from their small team of 10 employees.

Jacob Tyler is a California-based branding and digital communications agency founded in 2000 that works with clients to tell their stories through branding and digital communications. Their 20+ employees specialize in corporate identity development and positioning, planning and strategy development, SEO services, social media management, and UI/UX design among other disciplines.