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The way to Set Up A Blog is To get Cash And Fun

For anyone who is reading this, then you most likely keep asking how to set up a site for cash and enjoyment. Maybe just for business, or it could be just for fun, but you keep asking how. You need to know-how.

Neat, because you are in the right place.

Now you’ve probably seen and are which Blogging has become very popular over the internet. More and more people are setting up their own personal blogs for personal in addition to business pursuits as a productive means to connect with customers or friends. Blogs are becoming a vital part of online businesses and are a powerful way to earn money online.

It can’t matter how many times someone features asked me what a blog is definitely. People get a bit perplexed by the ‘blog’ label yet really it is very simple. Any ‘blog’ is really just a site whereby content is bought chronologically and typically includes interactive elements… usually named ‘comments’.

Comments are a segment within the blog where a customer can add his own opinion, maybe a picture or a ‘comment’ over a particular posting that is previously on the blog, thus so that it is interactive. The word ‘blog’ arises from the term ‘weblog’, which is a sign of content on a website.

Fairly straightforward.

How To Set Up Any Blog For Cash And also Fun

Now I will cover the essential steps needed how to create a blog. Whether you desire one for business to generate funds, or as more of an exciting outlet, I’ll show you some recommendations and things you’ll want to stay away from.

How To Set Up A Website For Cash And Exciting: Should You Set Up A Website Using Free Hosted Services?

You can go the ‘free’ route and sign up for any blog account with services like Blogspot. com (which is owned by Google) or another similar hosted service.

And while it’s fairly simple to employ a hosted service there are a handful of big disadvantages:

1 . These websites essentially ‘own’ your content: You and will reside on their hosts and their property. They in the end have control of it.

2 ., not You are limited by the design and also functionality: Although some services have got many cool features, you can find limits as to what you can do design-wise, and some even restrict any type of advertising you can put up if setting up your blog.

3. They will decide on a whim to seal your blog down… the site may go out of business, etc …

Consequently in how to set up a site for yourself, you’ll want to strongly think of setting it up on your own domain in addition to your hosting an account. In fact, for being perfectly blunt, this is only a must.

How To Set Up A New Blog For Cash In addition to Fun: Selecting Your Theme

If you have already decided on an individual or ‘niche’ (as you smarty-pants people like to name it… hehe) then you can miss out on the next section below. When not, then you need to select what you want your blog to be in relation to.

Don’t get sweaty and tense. It’s not hard and it which a pretty straightforward solution.

You intend to try and choose a topic you are sure of. Something that you are preferably obsessed with and something that ‘moves’ you actually every day. This will make it preferable to get your blog started.

The best way to Set Up A Blog To get Cash And Fun: Choosing a Name For Your Blog As well as A Domain Name

Now you need to choose a name for your blog and buy a domain name. There is usually one and the same. For example, Your personal domain name is ‘my cool blog. com’ and the ‘name is… Suppose ‘MyCoolBlog. com’ (The identical in this example). Basically, an issue that reflects your business or niche market.

Next, you want to go over to GoDaddy. com and register your personal name so you own it. Build a GoDaddy account if you already have one and then use steps on the site to pick and buy your name.

Next, you have to have a web hosting for your blog. You will discover literally millions of web hosting corporations out there who will host your page for you. To be honest, the majority of them are terrible. And I’ve used a few of them over the years.

You need an affordable coordinator (especially if you’re just starting out with the blog) but it has to be trusted with good customer service. Let me tell you… that isn’t easy to find.

However, there are a few corporations that fit these conditions, and the one I recommend many is a company called Hostgator. They may have very inexpensive entry internet hosting plans (starting around a few bucks a month), have got great service, and fantastic customer service. I use them personally and can’t recommend them enough.

Check HostGator out there. Sign up for an account and they will mail you a welcome packet in your email on setting up your current account. You also want to inquire your web host about how to ‘point’ your domain name to your web hosting account. They will assist you in achieving this.

How To Set Up A Website For Cash And Exciting: Using WordPress. org

Bear in mind I wrote earlier you want to install and host your own personal blog instead of using a free-of-charge service like Blogger. Properly now you need to pick the application that you will install on your internet hosting account for how to set up any blog.

There are several companies and also platforms you can choose from such as Fluid Type and Typepad yet I strongly recommend that you work with WordPress. org. Why? Squidoo. org is used by numerous bloggers so there is a big community that helps make the program improve constantly, there are tons connected with plugins, which are modifications that one could install to improve your blog, in addition to WordPress. org is no cost!

Just go to WordPress. org and you may see a link where you can acquire the software onto your computer.

The best way to Set Up A Blog To get Cash And Fun is: Add WordPress. org Onto Your Hosting Account

You have the URL of your website, and your Webhosting account and possess the WordPress software on your computer. Congratulations, you need to upload the Squidoo files onto your WebHost.

You’ll need what is called the FTP program, which is small for File Transfer Project. All this means is the course you’ll use puts often the files onto your WebHost in your case.

Do a search online for Filezilla and you can download this data transfer program. It’s no cost and easy to use.

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