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The Top Mistakes to Avoid When Moving House

If you are preparing to move house, you know that it can be a stressful time. However, your moving process can be a breeze with a little planning and smart moves! Discover the best info about Moving House.

The Top Mistakes to Avoid When Moving House

Many things can go wrong, whether you’re moving for a new job, a season, or a new phase of life. And if you are not careful, one of those mistakes can worsen your relocation experience.

1. Don’t Overestimate Your Supply of Stuff

Many people underestimate how much stuff they have, which can lead to them packing too much and spending a lot of money on unnecessary boxes. The best way to prepare for a move is by paring down, removing items you don’t use, and ensuring you have enough boxes for everything you want to take.

2. Label Your Boxes

You might think labels waste time and effort, but they make unpacking much more accessible. They also help keep the movers organized and ensure fragile items don’t break in transit.

3. Don’t Skip Getting Moving Insurance

Moving insurance is essential, especially if you have high-value belongings that will be transported from your old home to your new one. You can either buy this through a third-party company or opt for coverage built into your moving company’s contract.

4. Don’t Skip a House Cleaning Before Moving In

The last thing you want to do is spend all your time packing and then have your movers clean up the mess after they arrive. Fortunately, most reputable moving companies offer cleaning services before and after they deliver your furniture to your new home.

5. Don’t Pack Your Things Too Early

Most people underestimate how much time a move will take, so it’s a good idea to start packing well before the big day arrives. This will give you plenty of time to plan and declutter.

6. Don’t Skip Labeling Your Boxes

This mistake that first-time movers and those with limited packing experience often make can lead to an overwhelming mess in your new home. By labeling your boxes, you can tell the movers where to place them when they deliver them to each room of the new house. This will also prevent the movers from accidentally stacking your boxes in a room that you don’t want them to.

7. Don’t Leave Out Your First Night Essentials

The last thing you’ll want is to be woken up the morning after your move by your toothbrush or a bathtub full of boxes. This can be very frustrating, so it’s a good idea to pack an essentials bag and box containing everything you need for your first night in the new house.

This bag and box can be packed up a month before the move, so your essential items are ready for your first night in the new place. You can even have this box in your car if you need to leave home during the move or have an emergency.

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