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The Most Popular Pokemon

Whether you are new to the Pokemon games or have been playing them for years, it’s probably safe to say that you know the most popular Pokemon. However, what do you actually know about the Pokémon that aren’t so popular? Read on to learn about these Pokémon.


Among all the Pokemon in the Pokemon franchise, Eevee is the most popular. Eevee is known for its cute and adorable form and has evolved into several different forms. In the anime, Eevee has evolved into various forms such as Espeon and Umbreon.

Eevee is an adorable Pokemon that is able to jump forward and produce a cute sound when attacking. The evolution of Eevee has changed in each generation.


Whether you’re a newcomer to the Pokemon world or just need a Pokemon to help teach your younger generation, Bulbasaur is a great choice. Bulbasaur is a great Pokemon for a variety of reasons, but the biggest one is that it’s easy to catch and care for.

Bulbasaur’s appearance is that of a leaf frog, with a blunt snout and pointed teeth when its mouth is open. It has a bulb on its back that grows larger as it evolves. It’s also known as a Seed Pokemon because it grows from a seed that is planted on its back.


Whether you’re a collector or simply a fan of Pokemon, Charizard is one of the coolest creatures in the franchise. It’s a dual Fire/Flying type, so you’re likely to see it in most games. It is the most powerful Pokemon in the franchise, and the most recognizable, too.

While it hasn’t received the kind of mainstream attention that Pikachu or Eevee have, Charizard is still a big deal. Charizard is a character mascot, and he’s been featured in several Pokemon games, cartoons, and live-action animated films.


Lumineon is a water-type Pokemon that is found in deep oceans. This Pokemon has a fishlike body with two pairs of light blue pectoral fins. These fins are used to walk along the sea floor. The fins are also used to lure prey in.

Lumineon’s design is reminiscent of the freshwater butterflyfish. The fins look like butterfly wings, and Lumineon uses them to lure its prey. This Pokemon is also known to use its bioluminescence to lure its prey into position.


During the Pokemon heyday of the 1990s, Mewtwo was considered to be the strongest Pokemon. It was made from Mew’s DNA and was modified to become a mighty psychic-type Pokemon. Its unique abilities included mind control and levitation.

In addition to being a powerful Pokemon, Mewtwo is also a legend. It has appeared in a variety of Pokemon spin-off games and franchises, such as the Pokken Tournament and Pokemon GO. Its presence in these franchises means that it is likely to be featured in other media in the future.


Psychic/Fairy type Pokemon Gardevoir is a bipedal humanoid with a pierced chest and long, white legs. It also has short spikes on its eyes, which make it look like a masquerade mask.

Gardevoir is an extremely potent offensive Pokemon. It is a fan favorite because it has a solid move pool and a variety of coverage options. However, it is not very durable.


Despite being an imposter Pokemon, Mimikyu has a fan base that’s larger than that of Pikachu. While he doesn’t have the cute look of Pikachu, he does have a lovable character.

Mimikyu is a Ghost-type Pokemon. He’s known as the “Disguise Pokemon” because it hides its true form under its costume. The disguise is a way to give him a chance to set up his moves before he’s attacked.


Among the Pokemon that were introduced in the sixth generation, Sylveon is one of the most popular. Its pale pink coloring is easily recognizable. Its design also represents love. Sylveon is a mammalian Pokemon with ribbonlike feelers that allow it to read other Pokemon’s emotions.

Sylveon can dish out some damage and has a decent Special Defense stat. However, its base Speed is mediocre. Sylveon’s Hidden Power is weak.


Known for its beauty, a big lion-like Pokemon, Arcanine is one of the most popular Pokemon. Aside from being beautiful, it’s also strong and loyal. It can also act as a good general-use Pokemon. Arcanine’s stats are good, but its moveset is a little erratic.

Arcanine is a good attacker with a lot of attack stats. It can also act as a sweeper. However, its stat spread is rather uneven, making it a little weak in competitive battles. It also isn’t the fastest Pokemon around. It’s also prone to get worn down by recoil from its moves, especially Flare Blitz. It also lacks a few important physical Fire moves.


Known as the guardian of the sea, Lugia is one of the most powerful Pokemon. She has appeared in several movies and TV shows. She has a large dragon-like appearance.

Lugia is a Psychic-type. Her first attack takes one Psychic energy. It deals 30 damage. It also accumulates fuel. It is a powerful attack.

Lugia’s second attack requires two Energy. It deals a total of 80 damage. It can also be used to phase. It is weak against Ghost-types. However, it has high Speed.