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The Most Expensive Macallan Bottle

Macallan Distillery has earned fame for its luxurious whiskies, beloved among celebrities like John Legend, The Weeknd, and Dwayne Wade. However, they also produce less costly bottles suitable for collectors. Check out the Best info about Macallan Diamond jubilee.

One such bottle is the 1926 60-Year-Old Fine & Rare whisky, of which twelve bottles feature labels designed by famed artists Valerio Adami and Michael Dillon.

Valerio Adami Bottle

Macallan offers many high-priced whiskey bottles, but the Valerio Adami bottle stands out. Inside is standard whiskey, but the bottle is worth more than 1 Million dollars – designed by Italian painter Valerio Adami himself and part of a limited-edition set that only included 24 units!

Whisky was first distilled in 1926 and aged until 1986 when it was bottled at Bonhams auction in Scotland. It became one of the most expensive-ever bottles ever sold, purchased by an anonymous private collector who wishes to remain anonymous.

Adami was an expressionist painter renowned for combining post-impressionist styles with abstract art. Macallan created a bottle shaped like a flower to commemorate him, featuring colors linked with his artistic vision.

Though currently, this bottle is the most expensive Macallan ever sold, its title may change soon. A Peter Blake-signed bottle from the same vintage is set to go up for auction in New York later this month and could fetch over $1.2 million – still an astounding feat for any piece of art, let alone whiskey!

Peter Blake Bottle

One of the most expensive Macallan bottles ever created was produced in 1926, and 12 numbered bottles were sold, each featuring a label designed by Sir Peter Blake – famous for co-creating The Beatles Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band cover artwork. A private international collector purchased one bottle before being auctioned off by Lyon & Turnbull of Edinburgh.

A price tag of over $1 Million might seem excessive to many whisky enthusiasts. Still, the bottle makes up for its exceptional design and exquisite contents: high-grade barley used to craft this whisky has been aged for 25 to over 75 years for a maximum flavor – providing intense dark chocolate and orange notes that leave your palate tingling.

This limited edition is part of The Anecdotes of Ages collection. It comes with 13 original bottles and a leather-bound book with thumbnail photography documenting Sir Peter Blake’s journey with The Macallan. Additionally, each expression comes with its original label designed by Blake, housed in a handcrafted European oak case. Informed by The Macallan distillery’s shared appreciation of beauty, nature, and legacy, Sarah Burgess created an inviting classic single malt featuring aromas of dried fruits and spices alongside notes of cracked black pepper, treacle, vanilla orange oil flavors with subtle hints of cinnamon for an inviting and welcoming classic single malt experience.

Cask 263 Bottle

Macallan Cask 263’s bottle has become the world’s most expensive whiskey. Bottled in 1986 after six decades spent maturing in European oak at Macallan distillery near River Spey in Scotland, its 700 ml size bottle sold at Sotheby’s Auction Hong Kong generated over $10 Million in sales for their Scotch brand – designed by British pop artist Sir Peter Blake it took 17 craftspeople over 50 hours to craft!

No matter its hefty price tag, this bottle of whisky would still make an outstanding addition to any collector’s cellar and indicates the current surge in rare whisky sales.

Macallan Distillery’s Cask 263 bottle may be one of its most sought-after collectibles. Still, they also boast several other high-end bottles worth exploring – for instance, the Macallan Fine and Rare 1926 has sold for more than $1.9 Million at Sotheby’s Auction House in London!

Legacy Collection, one of their most exclusive offerings, contains six premium blends of the oldest types ever released by Macallan Distillery. Only 200 sets will ever be produced – each set features a unique glass made by Lalique that pays homage to Macallan’s six pillars and represents their six premium blends.

Easter Elchies House Bottle

One-off bottle of Macallan 1926 60-year-old Scotch whisky sold at Christie’s auction for an astounding PS1.53 million ($2.08 million). Hand-painted by Irish artist Michael Dillon and featuring Easter Elchies House at Macallan distillery in Scottish Highlands, it broke the previous record set by another Macallan bottle from the same vintage.

Rare whisky was produced at Macallan distillery and aged for 60 years in sherry casks beginning in 1926, limited to 40 bottles crafted; 12 had labels designed by Peter Blake (famous for designing Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover design) and Italian painter Valerio Adami, two artists known for creating such masterpieces as Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album covers) or Italian painter Valerio Adami respectively.

Over time, Easter Elchies House gradually appeared on Macallan box lids as a watercolor image of its laird’s house and an independent label design. Today it serves as one of six Pillars.

Hotel Waldhaus in St Moritz, Switzerland, has initiated an inquiry following claims by a Chinese guest that their glass of 1878 Macallan is fake. However, despite these allegations, some original 19th-century bottles remain displayed at Macallan Distillery.

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