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The Greater Harrisburg/Central Pennsylvania Home Finder

The Dave Hooke Team excels at meeting the real estate needs of Carlisle area communities. As experts in their field, they know all the nuances, trends, and hidden gems of Carlisle real estate markets.

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Buying a Home

Are You Searching for a Home in Central PA or Dauphin County, including Dauphin, Cumberland, Lancaster, York & Perry Counties? Eric has 16+ Years of Real Estate Experience to efficiently guide the buying/selling process.

Representing his clients with the highest level of service means listening, educating, and communicating in ways that meet individual needs and expectations. When purchasing or selling property is an important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly – contact him now to see how he can assist!

Central Pennsylvania is an exciting region that Carlisle anchors and features suburban comfort and urban excitement. With stunning landscapes and distinct neighborhoods to explore, its rich heritage and vibrant culture are an invitation to discover what makes Carlisle genuinely distinctive.

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Selling a Home

Selling your home can be an arduous and complicated process, but with the support of an experienced real estate agent, it can become less of a headache and more manageable. They will assist in negotiations with buyers, prepare documents for closing, meet legal requirements, and provide information on local real estate trends and market conditions.

Before listing your home for sale, you must conduct a comparative market analysis (CMA). A CMA allows you to understand better what similar properties in your area have sold for recently and set an accurate listing price. In addition, make sure your property is in good condition with an appealing exterior that draws in potential buyers.

Condition is a key factor when setting the sale price of your property, with run-down homes typically garnering less money compared to well-maintained houses in desirable locations. Furthermore, your neighborhood’s influences will also play an integral part in its value as an asset for sale.

Real estate agents can assist you in finding and negotiating with a suitable mortgage lender and loan agreement and assist in inspection, appraisal, and closing processes. They may even recommend professional services like title insurance companies and attorneys.

When selling your home, it’s best to approach it as a business transaction and maintain an objective approach. Doing this will enable you to negotiate confidently and make informed decisions while responding quickly and professionally to inquiries from prospective buyers regarding its history and maintenance needs.

One of the most common methods for selling your Harrisburg home is via a real estate agent; however, this can be expensive and time-consuming. An alternative option would be working with local investors; doing so can save thousands in commissions that would otherwise go toward realtor fees.

Renting a Home

No matter how difficult it is to locate and purchase a house, renting one is even more challenging. Renters moving into Harrisburg for job purposes or taking advantage of its thriving industries face the same difficulty: not enough rental housing on the market to meet demand.

Apartments on the market are being snapped up quickly. Landlords are raising rental rates and requiring applicants to pay application fees of $75 and pay rent and security deposits upfront.

Filters are critical when searching for rentals and for those searching specifically. By setting filters that define bedroom/bathroom counts, price ranges, square footage sizes, pet-friendly rentals, or availability dates, you can narrow your results and only see homes that meet your specific criteria – and save your search filters so you’ll receive notifications as new rentals meet these standards.

Looking for a Rental?

If purchasing a home isn’t right for you, renting may be. At Point2, we have house rentals with various features tailored specifically to meet your needs, from luxury rentals with panoramic views to single-family homes in pet-friendly communities. Please search our site today and find houses to rent that meet them all!

Peggy Drasher was a pre-school teacher in Harrisburg for years until she took a new position in Gettysburg that would reduce her commute. To find an affordable apartment that met both requirements – a reasonable rent, convenient location, and pet-friendly rentals with amenities such as in-unit laundry – she turned to Point2. Our filters could help her find apartments matching perfectly to her criteria; she could find something suitable using our search filters!