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The Best Chinese Restaurants Near Me in NYC

Manhattan offers an abundance of Chinese dining options. Whether you crave sweet and spicy pork dishes or are curious to discover something different, you will find a nearby restaurant offering delicious Chinese fare.

This peaceful Brooklyn eatery specializes in Yunnan cuisine, which spans across nations to the southeastern corner of China. Visitors say everything tastes perfect – from the sago pomelo with mochi to brown sugar-glazed Peking duck.

Mala Project

If you’ve been to the East Village recently, chances are you’ve seen groups of friends or dates huddled together around long brick-walled tables and indulging in mounds of meats and seafood at Mala Project–an innovative fiery fever-dream restaurant that opened two locations in Manhattan and now Brooklyn in 2015.

At this popular neo-Sichuan establishment, chef Qilong Zhao uses his secret recipe of 24 spices such as ground geranium, orange peel, and black cardamom – along with dried chilies and medicinal herbs like dong quai – for his “dry” hot pot meal. Diners select from meats, tofu products, noodles, and vegetables before having it flash-cooked on an ultra-hot surface (wok or flat circular grill) in a chili pepper and Sichuan peppercorn-based sauce made of chilies and Sichuan peppercorns.

Ning Kang and Meng Ai, current or former NYU students themselves, are part of a small army of restauranteurs opening restaurants throughout New York to highlight the diverse culinary heritages of their homelands. Their restaurant stands out with custom neon signage, communal tables, and bar TVs; customers can take out or have their favorite dishes.

Wo Hop Next Door

Named appropriately, Chinatown Bargain Basement offers cheap yet classic Chinese food at bargain basement prices 24 hours a day in an intimate basement-level space. Serving both snacks and meals to stay full till the closing time each day, many visitors find themselves coming back again and again for more delicious Chinese fare!

At this downtown eatery, it’s not unusual to encounter lawyers from the District Attorney’s Office and 80s Broadway stars alike, and its signature-covered walls attest to its popularity among intoxicated downtown revelers in need of late-night sustenance.

After several months of closure during the initial stages of the pandemic, Wo Hop opened for outdoor dining in June 2020 and indoor dining (at roughly 25% capacity) in September (albeit with reduced capacity). Since then, it has operated at reduced capacity but is now fully functional again; plastic partitions separate tables within, and servers wipe each one down after each use by city coronavirus distancing guidelines; takeout and delivery are also offered at this location.


Uluh offers Chinese cuisine from various regions of China. Their menu boasts something for every palate – from steamed pork and chive dumplings to spare rib rice noodle soup and hot pot dishes!

The restaurant features an inviting interior with dark walls, intricate Chinese artwork, and cozy recessed lighting – ideal for romantic dates or small groups of friends! Plus the staff is amiable.

Xi’an Famous Foods is one of the premier Chinese restaurants near me in NYC, serving traditional and fusion Chinese fare. Their cuisine spans various regions in China, including stewed pork burgers and boiled beef tripe with chili oil; their dining area features large wooden tables and overhead menus for casual seating – not to mention delicious food and unparalleled service!

Kong Sihk Tong

Kong Sihk Tong Restaurant in Chinatown NYC offers a delightful dining experience, serving delicious authentic Hong Kong-style cuisine that will transport you there! Their expert chefs create exquisite flavors through dim sum to stir fry dishes – there is truly something delicious at Kong Sihk Tong that everyone will enjoy!

This Hong Kong tea restaurant, or “cha chaan teng,” boasts an immaculate and modern interior. They offer an assortment of teas and coffee, as well as offering local Hong Kong snacks – as well as providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner service! Their extensive menu can satisfy everyone’s dining needs!

Service was excellent, and the food delicious; General Tso’s chicken wasn’t particularly spicy, but otherwise, my meal was fantastic – prices are fair, and delivery service is fast and convenient. I will undoubtedly return and am eager to sample some other available dishes.

Xi’an Famous Foods

Xi’an Famous Foods may be unfamiliar to many New Yorkers, but it has undoubtedly become the city’s mainstay of Chinese restaurants. It is owned and run by two natives of Xi’an who want to introduce Americans to its distinct cuisine. With locations throughout Manhattan and Queens serving delicious liang pi, “cold skin noodles,” and stewed pork flatbread burgers – two favorites with New Yorkers alike – Xi’an has quickly become a renowned institution of Chinese cuisine in NYC.

As it sits along the Silk Road, Xi’an has access to Middle Eastern spices and ingredients that give its cuisine its distinct flavor profile. Cumin and seasoning combine harmoniously for an unforgettable dining experience that distinguishes it from other Chinese cuisines.

Though Xi’an offers other Chinese cuisine, their specialty lies in Shaanxi cuisine. Diners can expect to find delicious dishes like mutton dumplings with soup-soaked dumpling wrappers, wide hand-pulled noodles doused in chili oil, and chrysanthemum iced tea, all ideal for sharing among friends and family members alike. Plus! Packaged cured mutton is also available to bring this flavorful experience home!

Atlas Kitchen

Upper West Side residents can choose from an abundance of Chinese restaurants ranging from fiery Sichuan eateries to traditional weekend dim sum brunches, with newcomer Atlas Kitchen being distinguished from others in terms of its look and food offerings. This restaurant seeks to showcase different regional Chinese cuisines.

The boxy modern space boasts murals painted by artist Qiu Anxiong that reflect the restaurant’s theme – celebrating China’s historical roots while reflecting contemporary reality.

Chef Kaiyuan Li, hailing from Hunan and has been working at Hunan Manor for 20 years, dishes out authentic yet inventive Chinese food – such as American-style favorites such as beef with broccoli and kung pao chicken, which now hold their rightful place among Chinese cuisines. His menu has a page dedicated to these American-inspired favorites to give them their due place among classic dishes.

Atlas Kitchen provides delectable and varied dishes, catering to everyone with pan-seared shrimp, fried pork with mushrooms, wood ear dumplings, and everything in between!

Spicy Moon

Spicy Moon is a beloved vegan Szechuan restaurant in East and West Village. Recently, they expanded to 265 Bowery, which previously housed Belse Plant Cuisine; this space can hold up to 170 diners at any one time!

This restaurant is an ideal destination to meet friends and family for lunch or dinner, offering delicious dishes in generous portions with friendly, attentive service from its staff.

The restaurant had an enjoyable and welcoming environment, and their staff was helpful and welcoming. Their vegetarian-friendly options on the menu made this dining experience unforgettable; I would certainly recommend it to prospective customers!

This menu offers traditional Sichuan cuisine, such as double cooked beyond sausage and map tofu, along with innovative dishes using trendy ingredients – for instance, mountain yam vegan cheese puffs and peppercorn brussels sprouts are among them! Additionally, Chinese beers, infused rice wine, cold-pressed juices are offered, along with a wide variety of traditional dishes and desserts like “crab” Rangoon.

Chef Huang Jian Bing & Peking Duck

Chef Huang Jian Bing & Peking Duck offers a more luxurious dining experience than your average NYC food hall, featuring traditional Chinese cuisine with innovative flair. Their cuisine fuses Western and Eastern cultures into something uniquely delicious; try their menu items ranging from carb-rich foods such as noodles topped with meatless Beyond Beef to hearty proteins like map tofu for something to satisfy all appetites.

Although located in Chinatown, Pecking House evokes the atmosphere of a suburban Chinese restaurant from the 1980s. The dining area features red booth seating, multiple wooden tables, and photographs depicting Chinese landmarks. Classic Chinese American menu items like egg foo young and chow mein are served here alongside amazing Hunan and Sichuan specialties.

This classic Chinese restaurant is known for serving respectable, reliable cuisine that adheres to old-world tradition. While the dishes here can be spicy if ordered properly, its menu covers more than just Szechuan-influenced fare; Hongyun chopped pepper fish is especially notable.