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The Best Barbarian Launcher Deck in Clash Royale

Clash Royale’s new season has begun this week and brings with it new challenges – one being the Barbarian Launcher challenge.

This challenge challenges players to achieve victory using a new card and rewards them with Trade Tokens, Gold, Banner Tokens, and a Chest Key.

1. Goblins & Bearers of the Throne

Goblins are sneaky, cowardly, and vicious creatures who prefer hiding in the shadows. While not great archers themselves, they use their claws by seizing objects they can’t carry with their feet and can score severe kills with them! Their combat profile (Fight 2) also ensures they rarely lose tied duel rolls against armies of average strength.

Goblins & Bearers of the Throne have some weaknesses; with low defense + no armor and little anti-cavalry defense, they can be vulnerable against gun lines equipped with crossbows or mounted troops equipped with crossbows. Their lack of anti-cavalry security means any mounted army will do damage against you as well as having no anti-cavalry protection at all – but that doesn’t diminish their usefulness when pressurizing enemy archers & siege engines, swarming far-flung objectives in Domination or simply wearing down an opponent’s willpower – not to mention their great swarming nature makes them great forces for clearing out ruins in Capture and Control!

2. Rock Barbarian

Rock Barbarian is an exciting new event card that brings two iconic units together to form one effective deck, raining boulders across the map. Pekka acts as its main tank, while Bandit, Electro Wizard, and Magic Archer serve as additional troops that aid him in this challenge.

Rock Barbarian’s Electric Shots can enrage troops, temporarily increasing strength, damage, and attack speed. This effect is beneficial against buildings; for instance, it could give Hog Rider or Ram Rider troops an edge.

Feat synergy for this deck is excellent, with Great Weapon, Sentinel, and Polearm Master providing high damage output, Resilient provides survivability, and Goliath delivers brute damage for barbarian survival. Resilient gives survivability while athletic skills add extra stability for this class – though Aarakocra is somewhat of a waste, since its ability scores don’t mesh well with that of this particular class, and it cannot cast while raging.

3. PEKKA & Ghost

This deck utilizes PEKKA bridge spam for maximum damage. When playing one at the back, they can use Bandits and Electro Wizards to generate tremendous pressure with minimal elixir expenditure; also included is Hog Rider as a defense mechanism against enemy advances towards Crown Towers.

Another advantage of this deck is that its Royal Ghost can effectively divert PEKKAs away from attacking Crown Tower, making this strategy particularly helpful when opposing forces deploy ranged support troops like Princess or Dart Goblin alongside it.

One drawback of this deck is its PEKKA can easily be countered by Bowlers; however, this can be avoided by placing their PEKKA away from their Crown Tower to prevent Bowlers from striking it and causing its explosion.

4. Mother Witch & Mega Knight

Mother Witch can help by redirecting enemy troops away from your more giant damage cards while slowing their speed, so she plays an integral part in this deck’s strategy.

She also pairs perfectly with other swarm cards like Royal Hogs and Heal Spirit, giving you access to powerful combos against tanks like Giants or Golems by turning their attack into Cursed Hogs and delaying attacks against your opponent.

Electro Wizard can assist in your swarm damage strategy by stun-stunning crowd members or dealing area damage while simultaneously attacking two units – perfect for stalling opponents! Bats and Logs make suitable low-cost support units for this deck.

5. Bandit & Magic Archer

The Bandit & Magic Archer deck is an effective strategy against Hog Rider and Ram Rider decks but also works against others. Equipped with many ranged troops capable of simultaneously dealing damage to towers and ground areas. Plus, using an Assassin to take down buildings if necessary!

Assist with defense against Lava Hounds, Balloons, and Sparky; protect Princess Tower; assist Prince; or provide additional guards of its own to support.

The Magic Archer is an ideal counter for Hog Rider and Ram Rider due to its ability to one-shot them. Additionally, its high damage and low hitpoint rating make it very effective against Goblin Barrel – making life more challenging for the defenders of Princess Towers.

6. Battle Ram

The Ram is an effective card for pushing, as its damage can take out towers with minimal collateral. Furthermore, once destroyed, it spawns two Barbarians as an added benefit. Again, its slow charging ability helps absorb damage and distract support troops.

It is an effective counter against swarms like the Skarmy, Goblin Gang, or Minion Horde; however, it cannot hold off a fireball or rocket decks as these will quickly one-shot it. Although unsuitable against Pekka decks, as its stun effect will reset their charges, it makes for a solid pairing with Zap’s stun effect or Log for prediction kills.

7. Ghost & PEKKA

This deck possesses solid defensive capabilities and offensive potential, making it easy to win. All it requires to be successful is knowing how to play this deck effectively.

Ghost is an extremely effective card that can take down any glass cannon on an opponent’s side with just three elixirs, making it an invaluable tank for fast troops in this deck. Furthermore, its versatility lends itself well to Bridge Spam decks.

Unfortunately, they’re fragile and will quickly be overrun by swarm troops if unprotected. Therefore, miners and other cheap cycle cards should provide extra defense for this troop type. Also, use Arrows or Poison whenever possible, as these tactics are excellent at killing swarms quickly while providing positive elixir trades – helping you win games faster!

8. Mega Knight & Mother Witch

With an average elixir cost of 3.8 and defensive solid potential, this deck should be one to watch. Featuring Sparky and Rage combo cards to punish opponents that attempt a bridge push.

Mother Witch excels against swarm units like Skeleton Army and Goblins as it can one-shot them with splash damage while holding its own against win-condition troops like Hog Rider and Electro Giant.

However, this deck can have difficulty with Lava Hound. To counter this threat and beat challenges more effectively, splash/air troops like Baby Dragon and Wizard should be deployed frequently to block it off directly. This deck is also ideal for controlling elixir and going on an offensive. Additionally, this strategy works great for farming trophies and surpassing challenges!

9. Rock Barbarian & Battle Ram

The Ram has good damage, while its barbarian subunit can quickly consume any troops near your tower. However, it can be quickly taken down by spells or units with area damage capabilities, making them an easy target for snipers.

Pressure and split lane pushing decks often utilize this spell as it forces their opponent to choose one route to defend (while incurring damage in another road), attacking both sides of their base with both attacks simultaneously. Rage spell can also be helpful as it increases troop attack against buildings – this makes it effective against Pekka bridge spam and bait archetypes as well as Prince and can distract him from his lane, also pulling units such as Valkyrie and Giant Skeleton into other streets for additional attacks.

10. Mother Witch & Mega Knight

Mother Witch is an effective counter for both tank troops and swarm units. Her abilities especially shine against bats, goblin gangs, and spear goblin cards, as she can quickly one-shot them and turn them into Cursed Hogs.

Armored support is also an invaluable ally for tanks as she prevents fragile troops from being used against them. Unfortunately, she has limited usage capacity and cannot reliably counter larries.

This control deck comprises Mega Knight, Inferno Dragon, E-Wizard Bandit, and Poison to create an overall elixir advantage through multiple supporting units and heavy damage dealers. Hog Rider offers an adequate win condition while its solid defensive core of Heal Spirit Elite Barbarians and Canon Cart form an imposing defensive perimeter.