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The best 6 marriage advice to make your life easier

The first and the best marriage advice of all time: Remember the Commitment.

Commitment is not a “sexy” term or idea, but it has more to do with making marriage succeed than something that protects traditional values.

Take it as the most important marriage advice; this whole thing is not just about saying marriage vows or getting a slip of paper that says, “marriage certificate.” Engagement is important, and we’re behaving differently because we feel that our lives are bound together.

 You can stop a shaky discussion if you know the other person isn’t going to be around forever. You should move on to another love if your new one has a devastating disaster, or you’re only beginning to rub yourself in the wrong direction. Commitment means that you promised to continue and work on it, not only now, but indefinitely.


Be close to each other, and stop playing it safe!

I will propose that couples share something intimate with each other regularly; take it as a piece of marriage advice; teams who avoid being sensitive and “play it safe” will become more and more disconnected from each other as time progresses. Day-to-day obligations interfere with relationship needs.


Take some time to see what makes your partner unhappy and cringe.

Be curious about your partner’s differences, and strive to grasp both what bothers them and what makes them happy. As the awareness of others grows over time, be compassionate – show genuine compassion when they are stimulated, and promote what makes them shine forever.


Make your relationship the No. 1 Priority. (important marriage advice warning!) 

Hold your friendship on the front burner. It’s all too easy for kids, careers, daily life to rule our lives, and sometimes it’s a couple of partnership that takes the back seat. Draw on this moment, a moment for both personal and problem-solving talks, so you keep engaged and don’t brush the issues under the rug.


Marriage advice Always have some flexibility.

Life is tossing a lot of haymakers in our way. And spouses must realize and predict because, well, they can’t expect something and must therefore respond flexibly.

If we are so static, we can’t avoid the unforeseen. A couple’s desire to ‘go with the flow – particularly when it’s radically different from what they planned – allows them the chance to learn new skills and, most significantly, to get to know each other in ways they may never have learned before.


Marriage advice – Never forget to spend some quality time with the partner of yours. 

If I could provide just one marriage advice to a married couple, it would be to ensure that they retain their “Quality Time” balance of at least 2 hours a week. To be explicit about “Quality Time,” I mean a date night/day. What’s more, don’t go longer than a month without replenishing this balance.

What's the most difficult thing in marriage?

The idea of leaving everything behind you and focusing on making a big happy family! That's the big challenge, and from here comes the big responsibility.

Must I have kids when I marry?

That's a tough question; it depends on both your needs. Life becomes happier and more shining when you have a child who carries your name and becomes your second version.

Is it a miserable life after marriage as they say?

Of course not, it all depends on choosing the right partner that you are ready to spend a full, happy life with. Also, take your time in selecting your partner.

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