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The AC Pro App Makes Recharging Easier Than Ever

The AC Pro App makes using your AC Pro product more accessible than ever! Connecting directly to your gauge via Bluetooth, it provides customized instructions for your vehicle to eliminate guesswork and features an image database to locate its low-side port and easy-to-follow instructional videos.

Discover how to maximize the performance of your AUDAC installation with this free iOS and Android app, featuring updates such as Touch 2.7.

Adaptive vehicle-specific instructions

When it comes to recharging your vehicle’s AC, the A/C Pro app offers step-by-step instructions tailored specifically for your car or truck, from finding low-side pressure ports and informing you when the recharge process has finished to troubleshooting guides that may assist in any problems arising while using this application.

This feature comes standard in all of our kits and allows you to connect your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth with our gauges, providing real-time access to information regarding the status and temperature of your AC system, along with checking how much refrigerant is remaining – which helps determine when additional refills may be necessary.

The A/C Pro app is now available on iOS and Android devices, providing guided, adaptive vehicle-specific instructions to eliminate guesswork and ensure proper refrigerant and oil specifications and capacities are used by the vehicle. Furthermore, call our support team if assistance is required – the A/C Pro app is free! The support team can be reached 24/7. Download now to start saving!

Low-side port finder

The Low Side Port Finder is a crucial tool to quickly identify low-pressure service ports on most vehicles. These are used to recharge refrigerant oil. These locations can typically be found either on the firewall or attached directly to an evaporator; follow your A/C compressor’s more extensive line back toward the firewall, where you’ll see its connection point with a blue cap indicating it’s available for charging purposes.

The app also includes step-by-step instructions explicitly tailored to your vehicle’s year, make, and model, providing clear directions that remove confusion and guesswork. Furthermore, access is granted to an A/C spec database providing data regarding refrigerant oil specifications and capacities by vehicle.

A/C Pro is available on Android and iPhone devices and uses Bluetooth to connect with a gauge, providing guided, vehicle-specific instructions that enable easy AC recharges quickly and effortlessly. There’s also a built-in troubleshooting guide should any issues arise while working on your car’s AC system. With monthly subscription plans starting from just $19.99 available starting now – A/C Pro makes DIY auto A/C recharges an economical way of saving both money and time by saving yourself the trip to a professional mechanic!