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Teradata Tutorial by BigClasses

Teradata is a relational database management system that supports a large number of users and various client platforms. Its capabilities make it ideal for use in a variety of business settings, including financial services and health care. To learn more about Teradata, check out BigClasses’ YouTube video, which has over 6,000 views.


This Teradata tutorial is designed to help those who are new to the system learn the basics of this database management system. The tutorial provides an overview of the Teradata architecture, indexing mechanisms, and storage and retrieval capabilities. It also teaches how to use utilities to process data stored in Teradata. Teradata is a widely used data management platform that can handle terabytes of data and support multiple data warehouse operations.

You can use a Teradata query to identify an employee’s number with the highest salary. The query uses the inner SELECT and outer SELECT to combine the employee records. The output of this query is as follows: