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Ten Thoughtful Gifts for the Police Officer in Your Life

Ten Thoughtful Gifts for the Police Officer in Your Life

The thin blue line stretches from sea to shining sea. Nearly 800,000 Americans work as police officers. Their jobs are grueling, with many of them working around the clock to chase dangerous criminals.

You should take every opportunity you can to thank a police officer in your life. A simple way to show your appreciation is to give police officer gifts to them.

What are some traditional gifts given to police officers? What are the most popular gifts for cops? What kinds of practical and thoughtful gifts can you give?

Answer these questions and you can thank your loved one for their work in the right way. Here are ten gifts you should consider giving to a police officer.

1. Challenge Coins

Police officers have a long tradition of giving out challenge coins to each other. A department may create its own coins and hand them out to each officer who joins the department.

Coins for police officers can contain a wide variety of designs. You can include the name of each officer on each coin, or you can attach a personal message to the officer in your life. Get as creative as you want to get!

2. Coffee

Coffee helps officers stay focused during long night shifts. You can find several thoughtful gifts related to coffee, including coffee beans themselves. Companies like De Luna Coffee specialize in themed brands specific to police officers.

If your loved one already has beans, you can get them a special mug. A tumbler contains insulation so they can take their coffee on the go and keep it warm on cold nights.

3. Beer

Many officers like beer just as much as they like coffee. Thin Brew Line and other companies produce beers and give some of the proceeds to charities that help police officers.

You can also get a bottle opener for an officer that prefers bottles to cans. Many openers are in the shape of a police badge, and you may be able to customize them and add messages. If your favorite officer likes hard liquor, you can get them a shot glass or a decanter.

4. Food

You can win your police officer’s heart by filling their stomach. You can cook them their favorite meal, or you can give them food that they can take on the go. Companies like Man Crates provide gift boxes packed with snacks for police officers.

If you’re looking for fun gifts, you can give your officer hot sauce. A bottle of hot sauce works as a stocking stuffer, and you can pack a few bottles together for a large gift.

5. Motivational Books

A book is a good present for an officer who works a desk job or likes to read after a long day at work. If your officer is religious, you can get them a devotional book. The book will contain prayers and Bible verses that can help them deepen their faith.

You can also get your officer books about famous police officers. Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets is about the Baltimore Police Department Homicide Unit. It inspired Homicide: Life on the Street and The Wire, and it is packed with information about police investigations.

6. Art

Artists get creative with their representations of police officers. A kneeling officer figurine commemorates fallen officers and works well as a gift for someone to put on their desk.

For officers with empty wall space, you can give them a personalized print. You can write short messages to encourage them and recognize their accomplishments.

7. Back and Neck Massagers

Practical gifts are the best gifts for police officers because they help with their job. Many officers suffer from back and neck strain from sitting in their patrol cars for long periods of time.

A back and neck massager can fit across their body and reduce their strain. A massager is small enough to fit in a glove box or trunk, and your officer can adjust the settings easily. They can turn the temperature of the massager up, keeping them warm.

8. Hand Warmers

A hand warmer is another great practical tool for busy officers. A warmer can fit between the palms of someone’s hands, or it can lie on the back of one hand. Your officer can plug it into any wall outlet to recharge it.

9. Wallets

A wallet may seem like a boring gift, but it is practical and versatile. You can get your loved one a badge wallet that can store their police badge and ID. They can use it to show people who they are and put them at ease for conversations.

A leather wallet can be a classy gift, especially if you place your loved one’s name on it. If your officer prefers something minimalist, you can them a wallet from Ridge. The wallet is made of thin and sleek materials, making it easy to store a stack of credit cards or dollar bills.

10. T-Shirts

When in doubt, you can get your police officer a T-shirt. For a retired officer, you can get a T-shirt that reads, “The Legend Has Retired.” A T-shirt with an American flag or a thin blue line is simple and tasteful.

The Best Gifts for a Police Officer

A police officer should receive a wide variety of gifts. Challenge coins are traditional gifts, especially for new recruits and retirees.

If you want to do something a little different, you can give your officer coffee beans or beer. Motivational books can give them support and art can comfort them in their home.

For practical gifts, back massagers and hand warmers are good choices. Wallets can store essential documents while T-shirts can keep them warm.

Bear in mind that there are thousands of gifts you can give someone. Read more guides to gifts by following our coverage.

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