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Taurus to Sagittarius: 4 Zodiac signs who love PDA in romantic relationships


Some people are more at ease than others with showing their affection in public. While for people who love public display of affection, it’s possible that people used PDA to demonstrate their ability to have relations with a certain person in order to improve their status or image. Some did it for the pleasure of breaking a taboo, while others simply wanted to make out and happened to be in the open. People who are comfortable with PDA simply have to express their love through touch when they see someone they care about, regardless of where they are or who might be looking.

The following signs have a strong preference for PDA in relationships.


1. Taurus

Taureans adore cuddling and never miss an opportunity to express their affection for their lover in public. They view it as a level of intimacy above just kissing and hand-holding. Taurus prefers to be physically close to their mate and will seize every opportunity to do so. Taurus craves extended hugs and kisses when it comes to showing affection.


2. Libra

Librans enjoy making grand romantic gestures, so they could go out of their way to surprise their significant other with a special gift or a romantic supper. For Libra, the need to be as near to the people they love as possible drives their love of physical closeness. PDA just comes easily to them since they are a sensitive sign, and they are not hesitant to express their emotions. Libra may become more overtly affectionate and touchy-feely when they are feeling close to someone. 


3. Scorpio

Scorpios are extremely passionate, making it difficult for them to keep their love to themselves. A scorpion falls deeply in love when they find it. They don’t care if everyone knows how deeply in love they are with their lover because they want to flaunt them. Being around a Scorpio can be really thrilling. Who wouldn’t want to feel that desirable all the time, after all?


4. Sagittarius

It makes sense for a Sagittarius, who is so gregarious, to feel at ease with PDA. They hardly ever feel bad about expressing anything. Therefore, they are unable to comprehend rejection or dislike of overt displays of affection. You can be sure that if you are loved by a Sagittarian, they won’t be able to take their hands off you because they find that physical touch is the best way to communicate their love.

Therefore, if you approve of street kissing and cuddling, you presumably fall into one of these categories.

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