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SwitchBot Lock, Transform Your Life With the Unique Keypad Touch


The SwitchBot Lock company calls its Lock — “A lock match made in heaven.” They’ll get no argument from me on that statement. When you have kids, some of these locks can have issues — but not the Switchbot. You can transform your lifestyle with the unique keypad touch.

SwitchBot Lock Unique Keypad
SwitchBot Lock Unique Keypad

Hop on the SwitchBot Lock site and see what products are offered — and you can order your lock there. Here are some of the best features.

SwitchBot Helps Keep a Secret a Secret
SwitchBot Helps Keep a Secret a Secret.

This is likely the thing I like most about this lock. You can set virtual passwords so that people around you won’t know your real password. Someone with kids really gets this — especially when the neighbor kid enters your home at an inopportune moment. If someone sees what you enter for a code, it won’t matter — you have a virtual password that keeps things safe.

SwitchBot Store passwords locally to keep them private
SwitchBot stores your passwords locally to keep them private.

All passwords or fingerprint information is saved locally to your device. Nothing is uploaded to the cloud, which reduces the risk of privacy leaks.

SwitchBot Set timed passwords
SwitchBot Set timed passwords

If you need a timed password for one-off occasions, you can make the switch from your phone. Does your cleaning lady show up without her key? No problem — you can send her a code that won’t interfere with your system. Do your friends arrive for dinner before you get home from work? Again, no problem — share your password via the app at any time with a quick tap of a button.

SwitchBot one swipe
SwitchBot one swipe
SwitchBot, carry no keys
SwitchBot Lock — carry no keys.










With the SwitchBot lock you merely tap the NFC card lightly on the device and the door unlocks. Use for your Airbnb, or hand out to your ladlords and rental management for rental properties or on site storage units. Store up to 100 cards on a single lock.

A great wedding gift or house warming gift for family and friends. A great product.

Image Credit: All images from the SwitchBot Lock website. Thank you!

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