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Sudhanshu Pandey has upgraded his wardrobe both for this summer and the upcoming monsoons

With rising temperatures, it is very difficult to keep cool or dress fashionably. But Sudhanshu Pandey aka Vanraj of Anupamaa knows to beat the heat. He shares his style mantra. “This summer has definitely been the hottest. My fashion mantra is to wear nice, comfortable, loose and airy clothes. I went to Dubai recently and bought a lot of track pants, t-shirts and nice singlets and that’s what I love to wear with casual shoes,” he says.

Sudhanshu is also getting ready for crazy Mumbai monsoons. “For monsoon I have already upgraded my wardrobe. When I step out I’ll be wearing a nice collared formal shirt along with nice jeans and a good belt and shoes. In case I’m stepping out in the rain then obviously I will have my umbrella. Well Mumbai monsoons are crazy and the only thing that is good for us is that we don’t step out in the rain too much. We stay at home or shoot. The rest of the time I am in the car so mostly we are saved from the downpour. If I have to step out I will wear nice comfortable slippers so that shoes don’t get spoiled,” adds the actor.

Ask if he has been shopping enough this time since the last two monsoons were mostly spent at home due to the pandemic and he says, “Yes, the last time I went to Dubai was six months ago and we did shop a lot because post Covid this was our first proper outing. So we did a lot of shopping and I think we are going to shop more.” Speaking about his skincare regime that he plans to follow during the monsoons, Sudhanshu adds, “It is very simple—sleep well, drink a lot of water, eat the right food and wash your face twice a day with a good face wash and moisturise. That is all my good old skin care mantra.”

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