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Subaru, Kia, Honda, Chevy and Stellantis dealerships sell in acquisitions in four states

Ciocca Dealerships of Quakertown, Pa., has purchased a Subaru-Kia dealership in Ewing Township, N.J.

Ciocca on June 7 bought Scott Harvey Subaru-Kia from dealer Scott Harvey of the Scott Harvey Auto Group. The dealership, which features separate showrooms and a combined service department, was renamed Ciocca Subaru-Kia.

Ewing Township is just across the Pennsylvania state line, near Trenton.

These were Harvey’s only dealerships, according to the Ciocca group.

With the acquisition, the Ciocca group said it now has 27 dealerships, selling 18 vehicle brands. The acquisition also marked its fourth Subaru dealership and first store with the growing Kia brand, said Ciocca Dealerships CEO Gregg Ciocca.

The acquisition fits with a geographic growth strategy “to be in these high-populated, high-density markets that we’re already in,” Gregg Ciocca told Automotive News.

The group has a Chevrolet store in nearby Lawrence Township, N.J.

Ciocca said last month that he wanted to double his store count to 50 within five years. In 2021, his group bought what was then the highest-volume Chevrolet Corvette dealership, Kerbeck Corvette, as part of an acquisition of two General Motors dealerships in Atlantic City, N.J.

Ciocca Dealerships ranks No. 83 on Automotive News‘ list of the top 150 dealership groups in the U.S., retailing 12,080 new vehicles in 2021.

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