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Stress and Recovery: 10 Healthy Ways to Cope

Stress is all around you. From the thought of waking up on time to making sure you hit all the deadlines, you are constantly under duress. Sometimes, stress or anxiety helps you maintain your focus and prioritize what is essential. But, it can get problematic when your distress starts spinning out of control. Stress tends to weigh down on you; once the emotions you feel start overwhelming you, it can push you on a dark and dangerous path.

Without meaning to, you may accidentally start abusing substances. The temporary relief they provide may help you deal with stress but can become a source of addiction. However, despite your circumstances, there is still hope. You can still get better, recover, and step in the right direction. All you need is a helping hand. Therefore, for your well-being, here’s what you need to do:

1. Seek Professional Help For Addiction

When you feel physically unwell, you visit a doctor and get professional help. Addiction works the same way. Not only is it a mental condition, but dealing with it on your own can be dangerous. The withdrawal symptoms are often overpowering and can leave you in intense pain. The purpose of recovery is to quit abusing substances and shift your perspective towards a fulfilling life.

A rehab center can provide these facilities to you. Institutions like Delphi Health Group come well recommended and have the staff, services, and resources you need to recover. Taking a step towards wellness is an incredible feat, and having the right people assist you can make the journey bearable. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a rehab center to claim control over your life.

2. Work On A Routine

Routine helps you create a structure for yourself. When you’re constantly chaotic and restless, stress builds up. Compartmentalizing and making a schedule allows you to work accordingly and get over all the necessary tasks you have for the day fast. Routines are also the best balance between health and work, ensuring you can have it all. When you give yourself the room to find your stability, you will notice that you start recovering and feel less stressed.

3. Break The Cycle of Frustration

Frustration can lead to stress which can easily cause you to lean back on old habits. So anytime you feel antsy, agitated, angry, or impatient, you need to stop what you’re doing right away. If you continue adding fuel to the fire, you’ll get burnt. This can be walking, running, listening to music, or even having a snack. Some people prefer drinking water, having a nap, or listening to relaxing podcasts. In recent times concepts like ASMR, an autonomous sensory meridian response, have become popular.

4. Talk To Your Family

Family can be a great source of comfort. However, at the same time, they can be the reason for your stress. In either case, this is a chapter of your life you can’t ignore. When you’re unable to talk to family or resolve the tension between you and them, this can take a toll on you. If your family helps you relax, try visiting them often. Let your loved ones know what you’re dealing with and allow them to help you.

5. Go On A Vacation

Vacations can make for an excellent breather. Changing pace, logging off from work, and not worrying about everyday responsibilities can relieve you. Your vacation doesn’t have to be elaborate. A weekend getaway or a small tour to a nearby location is plenty. While you’re on holiday, try not using your phone. Live in the moment, try staying away from alcohol but indulge in the local food and cuisine. No matter where you go, look for different activities and try getting plenty of rest.

6. Change Your Living Situation

Your house plays a huge part in recovery. You may even be familiar with spots around the place where you can hide your stash. If you had friends who encouraged your addiction and added to your stress, it’s easy for them to visit you and coerce you into substance abuse again.

Therefore, you need to make a drastic change in your lifestyle. This includes cleaning out your house, getting rid of anything that is a source of stress, and if you have the means to change your house completely. Moving out and away from your source of pain can help you feel better.

7. Join Support Groups

You are not alone. Others share your path, whether you’re overwhelmed with stress or fighting addiction. It is easy to feel isolated when going through a challenging situation. But, the right support makes all the difference. By joining support groups, you get a chance to talk to others who are going through the same hurdles as you. Shared experiences, thoughts, and silent victories can facilitate your recovery. Since these sessions get moderated, you’ll get to talk, share your views, and even learn pointers on dealing with your issues.

8. Learn To Have Fun

Having fun is letting go. While you don’t have to do anything daring or dangerous you should learn to find enjoyable activities. You can try out painting, dancing, skating, and even attending a carnival. The world is your oyster if you’re willing to explore. Once you start enjoying yourself, you’ll feel happier and much lighter on your feet. This is a great stress breaker and also aids in your recovery.

9. Recognize Symptoms of A Relapse

Recovery is not a one-way street. You’ll face many ups and downs. This is a natural part of the process, and you should never feel ashamed of slipping. However, it would help if you recognized the signs and symptoms of a relapse. You may start isolating yourself from friends and family. The thought of abusing substances may give you solid cravings, and you may begin to indulge again.

10. Try Holistic Approaches

Holistic approaches are alternate methods of wellness. Unlike western medicine, you’re not using pills or medication to regulate your mood or feel better. There are many holistic methods you can choose from. These include meditation, acupuncture, massage, and even yoga. Even practices like reiki and gua sha can help you regulate your blood flow, make you feel refreshed, and dissipate your stress.

Final Thoughts

As you work towards recovery and break free from stress, you can help yourself quickly. Anyone can fall under stress and get addicted. But the way you pull yourself back on your feet is what matters. It would be best to start by getting professional help, letting go of frustrations, and building a routine. Lean on your friends and family as much as possible since their love and kindness can heal you.

Going on a vacation and a holiday can also help you relax. Relocating may also be in your best interests so if you can find a new space, move in right away. You can also try out alternative methods of treatment. Sometimes, you need a nudge in the right direction to feel better about yourself.

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