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Staying away from an ATM Robbery

CREDIT machines have changed how the world does its consumer banking. Primitive ATMs were initially introduced in the late 1960s but didn’t catch on before the 1980s. Before ATMs became part of mainstream banking, men and women only had access to their cash during regular organization hours. As they began to embrace popularity, customers enjoyed the ease of 24-hour entry to their cash. However, using the added convenience also arrived the arrival of a new type of crime; ATM robberies. Find the ATMs Near Me.

Robbers could now stake out an ATM and wait for an unsuspecting victim to withdraw cash or, using a weapon, force anyone to withdraw a large amount of cash. Unfortunately, everyday withdrawal limits and monitoring cameras haven’t slowed the actual pace of these crimes.


Although ATM money machines are available 24 hours, that does not mean that it’s always safe to use all of them. Few ATM robberies happen after 1: 00 some sort of. m. because there usually are not too many people foolish enough to try using a cash machine during individual hours. Think about it; no offender wants to wait around for an hr or more on the chance a victim might appear. Most of them are too lazy to wait patiently around that long and operate the risk of being spotted by a suspicious cop.

The vast majority of TELLER MACHINES robberies occur between 8 p. mirielle and 1: 00. m. The reason is simple. Generally, there aren’t many witnesses, and the robber is guarded by the cover of the night.

Most ATM robberies tend to be committed by males under 25, and most sufferers are women who use the device alone at night. Most thieves used a gun, cutting knife, or claimed to have a hidden weapon. Nearly all victims state they never saw the actual robber coming.

If you or your family uses ATM devices regularly, here are some safety suggestions that will help you stay safe and steer clear of becoming a victim.

What to do

  • Just use ATMs within well-lighted and high visitor areas. Avoid using cash devices at the back of a building and outside the central neighborhood.
  • Look for prominent hiding spots like bushes and walls behind pillars or complexes.
  • Avoid using an ATM in the evening; however, if you must employ one at night, be discerning about which one you use. Be sure it’s in a high site visitors area, with a precise watch from the street and satisfactory lighting. Also, make sure you have a friend with you; it’s best to steer clear of going alone if possible.
  • Steer clear of an ATM alongside a freeway on bring or any place an opponent could escape quickly. Unfortunately, criminals often choose their targeted location based on how quickly they might get away.
  • When you arrive at the ATM, scan the spot for suspicious-looking men and women or groups of young men loitering. If you feel uncomfortable, continue operating and seek out another spot.
  • After inserting your credit and typing in the PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER, keep an eye out behind you. If a suspicious person approaches, quickly close down, close, shut down the transaction and abandon immediately, even if you must abandon your card.
  • While approaching an ATM, possess your card, ready to go. Also, if you have pepper spray, a stun gun, or any self-defense item, it would be wise to have it proper.
  • Once the machine dispenses the money, put it away immediately and steer clear of letting anyone see how much you have. Remove your cards quickly, walk away and avoid lurking around counting the money. Prevent “flashing the cash.”
  • If you are using a drive-through ATM, precisely the same rules apply. Keep your vehicle in gear in case you have to leave quickly. Keep an eye on your rearview mirrors to the rear of your vehicle. Thieves usually approach the back driver’s side, so become alert to anyone approaching your automobile.
  • If an equipped robber confronts you, don’t argue, battle, or attempt to follow your pet. Don’t panic; call the authorities and try to remember as much information as possible. Never engage the robber unless your life is at risk.
  • Choose an ATM that feels safe, even if it means driving out of your way. For anyone traveling or spending time in an unfamiliar area, get a report on ATMs in that area. When possible, use an ATM inside a food store. These are considered safer, caused f higher visibility and foot or so traffic.

You should list the contents of your purse or maybe a wallet and keep it in a safe place at home. Likewise, keeping phone numbers for all your cards or bank accounts is helpful. It’s easier to replace the articles and cancel credit cards for those with an exact inventory of the fact taken. Often, people scramble to remember what was in their pocketbook or purse when it was lost. Plan and prepare. Hence the aftermath will be as pressure-free as possible.

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