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Some unique le tote reviews

Find about le tote reviews – 

What’s le tote – le tote reviews?

Le Tote is a clothes rental service that allows you access to an unlimited wardrobe of fresh designs without breaking the bank. Some people sign up to get to know the good and the poor; down there, I will let you know some hot le tote reviews.

How does it work – le tote reviews? 

First of all, let’s talk about how this service works. You sign up, answer a brief questionnaire about tastes, and a personal stylist uses your style profile to create a box of clothes you think you’re going to enjoy.

You can keep their ideas or swaps with the alternates you choose instead. Before the shipping package, you can get a reminder text or an email to check the product.

You will be paying the same flat amount ($69-119) every month. If you love and want to keep a piece, send back those you don’t want. Le Tote will bill your card for what you’ve held, and you will see what the price is on their site — which is usually at a noticeable discount.

Pros and Cons from some le tote reviews.

The unique positive le tote reviews were about 4 points I will clarify for you….

  1. Rent and wear new types of clothes and accessories every month without obligation.
  2. Get recommendations or pick just what you’d like to wear.
  3. Discounts on things that you choose to hold.
  4. Detailed size guidelines and tips ease back on buying items that don’t suit.

That’s some positive reviews of people who tried it….

Now, the negative le tote reviews weren’t much, but there are two problems…

  1. Your size may not always be in stock for the item that you want.
  2. You can’t swap single bits with different sizes if they don’t suit (or if you don’t like them). You’ve got to return the whole tote at the same time.

Down there, I will show you a sample of some bad reviews of people’s experiences…


Kind of people who will give positive le tote reviews.

If you have these qualities, you will probably like le tote a lot….

  1. Return a lot of clothes or find it hard to stick to new items.
  2. Want a virtually limitless closet of fresh trends free from the shame of making more “waste” fashion every time a new trend arrives.
  3. To look nice on a particular day without wasting a lot of money on something you’re not going to wear again.


There are lots and lots of +ve and -ve reviews; I guess if you are interested, you will have to either take your chance and try it or avoid the whole deal!

Is it worth it?

At $99.00 / month (average plan), you're saving a package of things that you can wear for a whole month relative to how you're buying them all, plus you don't even have to leave your home. (anti-corona).

Should I take my chance and try it?

I guess that depends on your personality. Either you like to risk getting a bad fit for you, or just unsuitable clothes, you will not subscribe. Or you just love trying things, and you may like it!

Is there something I need to buy from each box?

No! Renting with Le Tote ensures that you can wear our clothes and accessories without any need to buy. We realize, though, that it's hard to part from the beloved pieces. That's why we always sell our members a special discount that is up to 50 percent off the market price. You will find the member price for each of your rental goods on our website, app, or price card in your tote.

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