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Some kooding reviews, is it best?

The story of kooding reviews.

You may have heard of Kooding before-they describe themselves as a “Korean fashion online shopping mall.” Kooding has a wide range of clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories-they’re even delivered all over the world! They carry famous Korean brands, claiming to make your Korean shopping a lot simpler and quicker.


kooding review about the store.

Kooding is one of those shops that’s fun to look around in, but it may not be fun to buy from. However, clothing seems to be of acceptable quality and customer service seems convenient- they aid in three languages: English, Korean, and Spanish. I still, however, have to mention something about their customer service. While it is available in three different languages, the service seems to be missing in several regions.

One of the kooding reviews said the following “I had the impression that I was talking to a computer, and that any email sent to me was copy-pasted and then dated. Customer services? It’s all right, but … Not the right one. I know other stores, clothes, lenses, and cosmetics, that provide fantastic customer service this isn’t one of them.”

While there was a wide selection of different clothing, luggage, etc., I think they’re a little overpriced. For a lot cheaper, I will find identical designs. Many online “Korean wear” stores sell sweaters at insanely affordable prices, and while not all of them are of good quality (some are awful), plenty of shops are offering high-quality garments for cheap. I’m talking about ten bucks in sweaters.


Kooding reviews(The Price).

kooding reviews are probably one of the most expensive online stores I’ve ever seen, and I wouldn’t buy from them because of that. Ok, just my sincere opinion. For really-if, you had an option here to buy an orange shirt for $23, and a black shirt for $10 … I’m pretty sure anyone will go for the latter (given that pricing, etc., is the same thing with both stores).

Will I repurchase it? No man, I’m not rich!


Some good and bad kooding reviews.

After all, kooding reviews have a customer ranking of 4.31 stars out of 16 ratings showing that most consumers are usually happy with their purchases. KOODING is also ranked 2nd among Asian Beauty pages. The most widespread problems with KOODING are delivery times, which appear to take longer than anticipated by individual consumers.

So, you must’ve predicted that most of the reviews are positive; guess what? You are right!


Unique items, many people loved their things a lot.


That’s a hugely positive review buddy! I won’t read all of that, I trust you.


This one seems to like it.


Now, let’s see some bad kooding reviews, (if there is!) 


This man didn’t like the masks, isn’t it obvious! You should try it.

 The bad reviews aren’t that much! Most of the reviews are positive. So, we can say that kooding is decent!

Is kooding legit? Or will I get scammed?

Let's make this obvious, kooding is legit. Most of the reviews are positive, which means they are legit and of high quality. If you read the blog, you will find out that the only problem or the only bad review Is with the masks. So, try to avoid getting covers from kooding, and you are all good to go.

Is it worth buying from kooding considering it's so expensive?

This depends on you. If you find that you can buy a product with the same quality from a cheaper place, go for it. But, I think they have high prices just because of the high quality they provide.