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Shah Rukh Khan to Deepika Padukone, 5 actors who gained overnight success after their debut movies

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5 actors who gained overnight success after their debut movies

Bollywood is a pot of talent and brilliance. The industry has produced some of the most extraordinary, versatile and exceptional actors. However, Bollywood is notorious for being a tough nut to crack. Millions live the Bollywood dream and come to Mumbai, yet only a handful of them make it. You need to be patient, consistent and passionate to live this dream. Yes, struggle is endless but if you make it – you are a star, a sensation, someone whose millions adore and idolise. A lot of actors struggle a lot and suffer a couple of failures to finally achieve their dream. However, they are even actors who became overnight stars after their first stints! These actors managed to charm their audience at the first try and became sensations with their debut movies. However, whether it an actor’s first movie that makes him a success or the tenth, a star is a star nonetheless! There is no timeline for it. But just remember, talent and hard work always pays back. Here are some actors whose debut movies made them overnight stars.

Photo Credit : Shah Rukh Khan Instagram

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