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See Married to Medicine Cast Ambush Heavenly With Intervention


Would Married to Medicine’s Dr. Heavenly Ever Join RHOA?

The Married to Medicine ladies are staging an ATL intervention.

In E! News’ exclusive sneak peek at the July 24 episode, the Bravolebrities are confronting co-star Heavenly Kimes over her personal YouTube show, which they think has gotten out of control to the point of annoyance.

As they gather at Contessa Metcalfe‘s house sans Heavenly, she announces, “Tonight is an intervention for Heavenly’s channel.”

Quad Webb is surprised as she tells the ladies, “Ya’ll are some dirty, low-down people.” When Toya Bush-Harris questions her reaction, Quad explains, “Because I feel like she’s going to be able to say this is an ambush. She had no knowledge of what is going to happen.”

Jackie Walters agrees and says in her confessional, “This is about to go real bad, honey. Have you ever seen a spontaneous combustion?”

However, Toya counters Quad’s response with, “Her YouTube is actually an ambush to a lot of us.”

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