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Scotch And Soda Jeans Review

You’re at a patio bar, sipping on some whiskey with your buds. You’re a dude with class. You’d rather have soda pops, though.

Founded in the Netherlands, Scotch, and Soda is for people who care about their wardrobes and assemble unique outfits. The company has a 4.7-star rating with over 370 reviews on Trusted Shops.

The Look

The name is Scotch, and Soda might invoke a desire to reach for your favorite spirit or soda. But this review isn’t about scotch or soda – it’s about a clothing retailer with both apparel styles.

Scotch and Soda aren’t afraid to be bold in their design. Their clothes are free from preconceived fashion trends and pull inspiration from various sources. This includes modern styles, classical fits, traditional garments, and youthful excitement.

The result is a unique style that looks like no other brand. Scotch and Soda has a line of women’s clothing, children’s apparel (Scotch R’Belle and Scotch Shrunk), denim jeans, and even fragrances.

As many retailers struggle to stay open due to declining foot traffic and sluggish sales, Scotch and Soda continues to grow their retail footprint. They have stores in locations across North America. Upscale department stores like Nordstrom and Bloomingdales also carry them.

The Fit

Founded in Amsterdam (home of Van Gogh and legal drugs), Scotch and Soda design clothes that celebrate liberalism and originality. They’re the antidote to bland corporate uniforms and drab mall clothing. Despite their premium pricing, they have a high customer satisfaction rate, scoring 4.7/5 stars on Trusted Shops.

The company aims to tell its brand story through its designs and retail locations. They are actively opening new stores in the US, and their clothing is available at upscale department stores like Nordstrom and Bloomingdale.

The BORN TO LOVE Unisex Organic Cotton Graphic Hoodie combines 1960s hippie aesthetics with a modern design and eco-friendly materials. It’s soft and flexible enough to be tucked in or worn as a pullover. It costs $98.

The Feel

When you wear Scotch and Soda clothing, you wear something that celebrates everything Amsterdam represents. It’s the city of Van Gogh, legal drugs, and the Red Light District, and it has a free-spirited mindset that Scotch and Soda embraces.

The company has a 4.7/5 rating on Trusted Shops and sells clothes that are made of conscientious materials. The BORN TO LOVE unisex organic cotton graphic hoodie is what you’d expect from the brand—it’s a casual item with a 1960s hippie aesthetic.

The brand also features jackets with small touches that make them stand out. The Bonded Wool Coat With Kimono Sleeves combines wool’s softness and warmth with studs, a waist belt, and illustrated buttons to create an unconventional silhouette. It might not look like your everyday coat, but it’s a great way to express yourself. The company ships to most countries. They have 27 stores across the United States and are expanding into new areas of North America.

The Value

In a world where many fashion brands are closing up, Scotch and Soda are expanding. The brand is a thriving, edgy alternative to the mainstream.

The brand combines modern styles, classical fits, and traditional garments with youthful excitement. Its clothes are free of preconceived trends, allowing you to express your style.

Scotch and Soda are also conscious of the environment. It uses renewable materials and avoids unnatural fertilizers and pesticides. The company’s organic clothing is trendy.

One example is the Scotch and Soda Bonded Wool Coat With Belt And Kimono Sleeves. This coat combines the serenity of its namesake Japanese loungewear with wool’s warmth and polyester’s durability. The skin is available for about $218.