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R Madhavan promotes Cinedubs in Mumbai, says he would want to watch Sholay in Tamil


Actor R Madhavan came together with Additya Kashyap of Cinedubs to promote the app that breaks language barriers in theatres. The actor also celebrated the success of his directorial debut, Rocketry: The Nambi Effect. Cinedubs is a mobile application which can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple Store. What the application does is that it allows its users to hear the movie in their preferred language using their smartphones irrespective of the language in which it is playing in the theatre. The film will be available in all the dubbed language in one theatre while the film is playing in one language in the theatre.

The facility will only be available inside the auditorium and will cease to play once outside so there is no threat of piracy for the filmmakers. The first film Cinedubs catered to was Rocketry: The Nambi Effect, and now the app will allow the viewers to watch Vikrant Rona in their preferred language out of the 5 languages that is Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and the original language Kannada. “I am blessed to have Madhavan as our brand ambassador. He understood the app well and then agreed to be our ambassador.” Said Additya Kashyap who co founded the app with his brother Vineet Kashyap.

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Madhavan spoke about why he is endorsing Cinedubs. “The app will increase crowd in theatres as people will be able to watch one film in a theatre in 5-6 languages that the film is dubbed in. So if my friends prefer different languages, we can still watch the same film sitting together in one theatre in our respective preferred languages.”

On asked if he would like to watch a Hindi film in his language, which one would it be, Madhavan said, “I would love to watch Sholay in Tamil and would want people to watch Nayakan in Hindi”. “Sometimes you don’t get to enjoy the performances because you are busy reading subtitles. This app will change that.” Madhavan added.

On asked if he would want to direct again, Madhavan jokingly said, “As a filmmaker, it takes a year and a half or more than that sometimes to earn back the money that you have put in, in the film. So I am thinking to just being an actor for sometime.”

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