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Press Your Luck Slot Game Review

This game utilizes a giant board where contestants answer questions to earn spins on a wheel that displays prizes, credit amounts, extra spins, or the Whammy (the show’s mascot). If any contestant hits the Whammy, they lose any accumulated cash or prizes they have amassed. To know more, check out Sinardewa.

Everi’s two new brand extensions for their Press Your Luck theme combine modern HD graphics and mechanics with the familiar TV show format. They are all accessible on Empire MPX and Empire Flex cabinets. Each game includes five reels and offers 243 ways to win as a base game.


Press Your Luck is a trivia game in which contestants earn “spins” on a game board with cash prizes, extra spins, unique items, and the Whammy, who serves as host for this show. Each spin appears on a scoreboard; those who accrue the most money win. If enough money is won, then they advance into the Bonus Round, with its progressive jackpot awarded as its prize!

Peter Tomarken hosted the original version, while Elizabeth Banks currently hosts its revival on ABC. While Tomarken created an excellent show with unique elements that blended cohesively to form an aesthetic and central theme that tied everything together, Banks’ team made no artistic choices that contributed to its success, making the experience seem generically reasonable rather than engaging and amusing.

This new game boasts a bonus event called Whammy Prizes, which gives players an additional opportunity to win extra cash symbols by filling an entire 15-spot grid with them and locking them into place for three re-spins. Furthermore, filling the grid can trigger the Big Wheel bonus, offering up to seven progressive jackpots as potential wins!


Press Your Luck is an interactive game show in which players answer questions to earn “spins” on a random cycling board that displays cash, prizes, extra spins, and unique items. The goal is to win as many credits and prizes as possible without hitting “Whammy,” an evil character who wipes out all winnings for contestants.

Players in the slot machine version of the game need three Press Your Luck Bonus symbols to activate the Big Board Bonus and see the 16 reels spin and award prizes on three monitors of their machine – these may include credit awards, trip multipliers, or free spins space – any prize won on this board is added to player scores; those receiving the most spins at the end of round one take priority when entering round two.

Everi has unveiled two extensions of the classic 1980s TV show Press Your Luck Whammy Bucks and Press Your Luck Whammy Wilds video slots as brand extensions it, available on Empire MPX and Empire Flex cabinets and featuring modern game mechanics with HD graphics and hold-and-respin bonuses that allow players to unlock additional Whammy prizes by filling up an entire screen – as well as an innovative hold-and-respin bonus and large prize wheel with guaranteed progressive awards.

Bonus rounds

Press Your Luck is unlike Jeopardy or Sale of the Century in that its outcome is entirely random. Each game takes an hour, and if you don’t win anything in round 1, no second round will follow; consequently, its appeal quickly wears thin.

During bonus rounds, contestants answer questions to earn spins on a game board displaying cash, prizes, extra spins, special items, or the show’s mascot, Whammy (who eliminates any accrued cash and prizes and provides comedic animation). Landing on Whammy results in instantaneous elimination and short comedic animation.

Season 3 introduced a bonus game known as “Take the Lead + One Spin.” When hit, this unique square awarded its winner the exact amount from the previous round, plus an extra spin.

GameTek released an IBM PC and Commodore 64 game based on the show in 1988, while in 2010, Imagination Gaming unveiled an iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad version that features a lucky wheel to select prizes after every correct question and add them to your score – available as a free download on the App Store.

Game mechanics

Press Your Luck is a game of pure chance. There may be some strategy and intriguing decisions, but at its heart, it is just a random results board full of prizes and whammies. Gamification teachers need to carefully manage this type of game; you want excitement without adding tension that makes learners/players feel as though fate is punishing them too much.

The goal of the game is to fill up the Big Board with prizes without hitting a Whammy, although players have limited spins available before stopping as desired. Hitting a Whammy will remove any tailor-made prizes collected but won’t affect how much money they have won from playing Main Game slots.

Any game employing the press-your-luck mechanic must present both valid risks and rewarding rewards that keep players engaged with the game, eliminating tension. Players quickly learn not to take unnecessary risks if their stakes don’t add enough suspense; rewards must provide more than just money; otherwise, the players will soon tire of playing it; all these elements make this mechanism fun and exciting, typically found in lighter games like dice-based racing games, this mechanism can also increase tension during heavier ones as well.