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Preity Zinta Biography

If you’re looking for a Preity Zinta biography, you’ve come to the right place. This Indian actress and entrepreneur are renowned for her work in Hindi films. She graduated with degrees in criminal psychology and English honors and made her acting debut in 1998 with the film Dil Se.

Preity Zinta was a tomboy girl

Preity Zinta, the Indian actress and entrepreneur was a tomboy during her childhood. She loved reading books and Shakespeare but later turned to act. Today, Preity Zinta is a successful businesswoman and activist who has won numerous awards.

As a child, Preity Zinta admired Dharmendra and Amitabh Bachchan. She still remembers the actors and was inspired by their films. She still loves to watch movies and sometimes wears Burkhas. She is also a health-conscious person and eats every 2 hours.

Zinta was raised by parents Durganand and Nilprabha Zinta. She has two brothers, Manish and Deepankar. She was previously in a relationship with Ness Wadia, a businessman. In February 2016, she married Gene Goodenough. Soon after, she gave birth to twins.

Preity Zinta had an embarrassing moment when she was trapped in a toilet stall at a Delhi airport. To get out, she climbed over the wall. She tweeted about her experience and how she had no choice but to do it. While the experience was embarrassing, she did not let it stop her. She joked about being a tomboy girl in her youth.

She was a social activist.

Preity Zinta has been active in social causes and has been involved in various public speeches. She has also participated in various fund-raisers for different charities in India. Her most recent social activity involves being the brand ambassador for The Loomba Trust, which supports widows and children.

Zinta is a well-known Indian actress, television personality, and businesswoman. She owns the Kings XI Punjab cricket team and is a PZNZ Media founder. In 2008, she was nominated for two Filmfare awards: Best Actress and Best Villain. She also won the Silver Hugo Award for Best Actress at the Chicago International Film Festival. She is also a social activist, stage performer, and businesswoman.

Preity Zinta is an idealist with a romantic outlook on life. She is drawn to people compatible with her grand plans and evaluates them based on their values and what they can do for the greater good. This makes her a true egalitarian. She shows few signs of prejudice or social bias.

She was an athlete and actress.

Preity Zinta was born and raised in Shimla. She was interested in sports during her childhood and was good at cricket and basketball. She was even selected for the Indian Premier League. Aside from acting, Preity Zinta is also a writer. She has written several articles and columns for the BBC. Many reviewers have lauded her writing skills. She is now living in Los Angeles, where she continues to pursue her passions.

Preity Zinta began her acting career in 1998 in the film Dil Se. She has an honors degree in English literature and criminal psychology. She has a direct and honest personality. Preity Zinta is one of the most popular actresses in Indian cinema. In addition to acting, she has founded a production company called PZNZ Media. She is also the co-owner of the Kings XI Punjab cricket team.

Zinta’s love life caught the media’s attention, and she reacted by publicly declaring her love for Yuvraj Singh, a cricketer. The couple went on to have a relationship, with Preity becoming a co-owner of his club. She subsequently appointed Yuvraj Singh as the captain of the team. After the news spread, the couple bought a luxurious mansion near the country house of her sponsor.

She was a co-owner of a cricket team.

After working in several roles in Bollywood, Preity Zinta became a co-owner of a central cricket team. She was the owner of the Mumbai Indians’ first-ever franchise and has been an investor in several cricket teams. Despite being a film star, Zinta has never stopped her interest in business and has even taken an executive education course at Harvard Business School.

Preity Zinta is a co-owner of the IPL cricket team Punjab Kings. She recently bumped into former teammate Chris Gayle, who will play for the team in the upcoming IPL 2023. The two women exchanged snaps and photos. The pair was also seen with her co-owner, Paresh Ghelani.

Zinta has a varied business background, including running her own media company and writing columns for the BBC. In addition, she is a co-owner of the Punjab Kings team in the IPL and the Stellenbosch Kings of the T20 Global League.