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Post Malone Gives Seth Meyers Face Tattoos, Pair Argue About Superheroes During Day Drinking Session

By Becca Longmire.

Post Malone is the latest celeb to join Seth Meyers for a “Late Night” day drinking session.

The pair began by downing beers, going on to drink shots while quizzing one another on their lives.

Meyers then explained how he’d be making some drinks inspired by the musician’s many tattoos.

However, the host was unimpressed as the team appeared to get the first drink wrong — Malone’s tatt is “always tired” and not “tired no more.”

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Meyers joked he was going to make “those f**king dummies” get that tatt because they’d got it wrong. He later apologized and said he’d misread the intro, with the drinks actually just being based on Malone’s inkings.

“Tired no more” consisted of coffee, Red Bull, 4 Loco and Pixie Stix, with Malone insisting: “I think that’s pretty good… You can sell that.”

Another drink, titled “Ring of Fire”, was inspired by Malone’s Johnny Cash tattoo, and it included a lot of Tabasco.

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“Why did you get a Johnny Cash tattoo?” Meyers complained, with Malone quipping: “It wasn’t about spicy foods.”

The duo then spoke about smoking weed, Malone’s rosé line, as well as having a game guessing which celebrity was on the other person’s head.

Meyers even got some face tattoos, just like Malone’s, only his were with a permanent marker. The host’s were inspired by his favourite football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, his favourite superhero, The Flash, and his dog, Frisbee.

Malone joked Meyers’ tattoos weren’t exactly what he wanted “because the Steelers suck and The Flash is slow compared to Superman,” before the duo got into an argument about the best superheroes.

See more in the clip above.

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