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Peruse the pros and cons of dating your next-door neighbour

Often times in life you may find that you have no luck in the dating pool but you seem to have the best neighbors. Whether you’ve gotten out of a bad relationship or have had a torrid argument with your co-worker, you can always count on the friendly guy (or girl) next door to cheer you up. Perhaps that is the reason why you’ve been contemplating igniting a romantic relationship with them? Well, if you wish to take ‘love thy neighbor’ a bit too seriously, then you must peruse the pros and cons of dating your girl or boy next-door!

Pro: You have lots in common

Even if your likes and dislikes vary, you will be sure to have lots in common with someone in your neighborhood. Right from the place that does your laundry to your gym or local grocery store and vegetable vendor, there will be lots of places the two of you frequent. In fact, your favorite restaurant right round the corner may even be their favorite restaurant right round the corner! This gives you ample chances to bond over mutual likings.

Con: You may end up spying on them

Relationships are all about slowing discovering everything about your partner. This is quite like peeling an onion layer by layer. However, when you hook up with your neighbor, you may be tempted to know more about them right away. Such as what guests visit their home, what time they return from work, where they go when they’re not working and not seeing you, etc. Spying on them through your peephole can become a bad habit.

awkward encounters with your ex

Future Con: Awkward encounters with your ex

Should your relationship come to an untimely end, then you may find yourself wanting to put a great deal of distance between yourself and your partner. However, when you date your neighbor, this can be relatively harder to do. You may be plagued by frequent run-ins with your ex when you spot them taking out the garbage, heading to work or even at the grocery store. Such accidental meetings can make it hard for you to move on.

Pro: Proximity matters!

There are often times in relationships when people complain that their partner isn’t there for them. The reasons for these could be purely coincidental such as your boyfriend having a hectic work week, exams going on or even health issues. However, when you live next door, you can pop in to help or even have them come over even though it’s late in the evening.

Proximity can ensure you don’t have meaningless misunderstandings creep up between you two, as making time for each other will not be difficult!

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