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Performance Measuring Instruments

When one thinks of modifications made to cars, they are immediately reminded of the performance, visual, and comfort aspects. A mod that goes unnoticed is the monitoring array of gauges. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) meters effectively give generic readings but are quite limited in terms of the further information that could be provided. This is exactly what is offered by ProSport’s catalogue of performance gauges. Besides the info seen on factory issue gauges like speed and rpm, these gauges also measure and display fuel/air mixture ratio, fuel compression, exhaust temperature, and various other readings. These parameters can be especially helpful to those people who want to know just what is going on under the hood and tune it according to their needs. 


Why are ProSport performance gauges the best in the market?

1. Top-notch quality

ProSport gauges are finely crafted devices that ensure precise and accurate readings under all 4×4 terrains and environments. The meters do not falter whatever the surprises are thrown at the vehicle. The more the performance continues to improve, the demand for better and better monitoring in gauges rises. More can be drawn from the car using a performance gauge rather than a regular meter with no accurate feedback system. All the information displayed helps keep the vehicle in the right zone for the best operation. Therefore, the vehicle’s performance metrics can be monitored more closely, allowing for optimum vehicle efficiency and output.


2. Identify potential problems beforehand

Any 4×4 vehicle is expected to be roughed up and put through the drills. This poses a threat to the vehicle’s health and all its components. A few decades ago, cars had what is now known as ‘idiot gauges’. These were just a couple of lines and colour-coded lights. ProSport’s parameter specific gauges come in handy here as they don’t only flash a red light indicating an issue when it occurs but have readings to make sure preventive maintenance is done early on. This way, any complications that might arise in the future can be avoided well beforehand with the constant monitoring done by the gauges.


3. Wide range

There are potentially an end-number of variables that can be measured in a car due to the sheer number of components present and simultaneously functioning. ProSport gauges have the most important of these variables in their array. For every important number, there’s a gauge to quantify it. These include intercooler air temperature, oil pressure, fuel pressure, water temperature, and many other gauges.


4. Visually appealing 

The gauges are on the money for measurements, but they are available in different themes and styles. Whether retro, futuristic, nerdy and everything in between, ProSport has it covered from designs to colours. There are digital displays, dials, and a combination of both. Give the dashboard the same level of look as the exterior of the 4×4 vehicle.

5. Add-ons

Along with the gauges, ProSport also offers gauge-related components and parts such as valve stem caps, reflective heat tape, adapter plates, metric-specific installation kits, and others. These apparatus help in easy attachment of the gauges and allow for the maximum performance to be squeezed out from the vehicle. That being said, if top-of-the-line measurement instruments are needed in Australia, go no further than ProSport performance gauges. Click here to view them.

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