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Panorama Sport – The Best Albanian Newspapers

Panorama Sport is a newspaper that is published in Albania. It is a daily newspaper that is known for its sports content. The newspaper is one of the most popular in Albania and its readers are always on the lookout for interesting articles to read.

The newspaper published in Albania

Albanian newspapers are a mix of business, politics, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle. Among the top publications is Panorama, a daily publication from Tirana that features sports, news, and entertainment. Aside from its printed versions, it also has an online presence. In addition to its main website, it also boasts a mobile app for Android and Windows phones.

Panorama Sport is a product of Panorama Group LLC, a company that is owned by Irfan Hysenbelliu, a savvy entrepreneur with an appetite for business. He started his career as a trader and later ventured into the construction industry, which is a lucrative market in the Balkans. After buying the Birra Tirana brewery, he sold his shares in 2004 and expanded into a profitable construction market in Tirana. Now, the businessman has branched out into the media sector. His company, BOTIMPEX, distributes Albanian language materials.

Other noteworthy offerings are the newspaper, a monthly magazine, and a weekly magazine called Psikologjia. The paper’s biggest draw is its special sections on sports. There is also an online version of the paper, which sells a hefty 5,000 copies a day. It is the second most circulated daily paper in Macedonia.

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