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Original wedding invitations: excite your guests right now!

The inspiration you need to make your wedding invitations the most original is in this article! Do not miss the tips we have for you or these new designs. There is something for everyone!

Wedding invitations are very important because they are the first glimpse your guests will have of your celebration. Therefore, take care of your presentation and choose the design that goes best with the style of your wedding and with which both of you best identify. Original wedding invitations will not only surprise and excite your guests, but they will also become a memory that will last forever.

Unusual designs

How many images of wedding invitations have you seen and still haven’t decided on? Before you accept an idea you don’t totally agree with, keep looking. Or why not bring in a professional designer to show you something custom-made for you?

Give your invitations a twist! Surprise your guests with a puzzle, a postcard, a passport to the most romantic trip, or a caricature of the two of you. These designs are perfect for giving your guests a good vibe, even if your wedding is months away. They are innovative designs and full of creativity.

Clear message

With the service of a designer, they will be able to harmoniously transmit all the information with clarity, speed, and friendliness. A single page can contain all the data of your wedding. If you want something more casual, order a poster or an infographic that plays with the sizes of the typography and the images that surround the message.

In addition to the place and date, they may want to convey some romantic messages to their loved ones. If when they took the step of getting married they began to read their first letters and believe that those thoughts of love deserve to be shared, do not limit yourself and compose together some texts for wedding invitations inspired by your favorite movies, songs, or books! Your guests will be delighted to be part of this beautiful union.

And the format?

Even if the wedding concept you have in mind does not quite fit with elegant wedding invitations, they can incorporate some of your formalities. Don’t forget to put your invitations inside an envelope or a folder-type cover. This attractive and practical effect, in addition to being very useful for your guests, will make the cards last much longer.

Don’t forget to personalize the inside of the envelope: take the opportunity to use colors or figures that evoke the personalities of both of you. In fact, they can do the same for all the things that are included in the invitation, like the reception tickets, the wedding program and the map to get there. They should only keep a pattern.

Details for the five senses

What characterizes a modern and original invitation is that it mixes various elements creating a pleasant composition in which nothing is out of place, but everything is striking. Textures, figures, colors, fonts, and illustrations with the same flowers will decorate the entire reception… In short, each element must be selected with precision and even minimalist designs can be worthy of admiration.

Your invitations can be made of different types of paper, cardboard, acrylic, or even ceramic and fabric. Feel the texture of your invitations and look at them carefully. Try to imagine how the guests will feel when they receive them. Review all the proposals you need until you choose the best one for you. Quality is paramount, so turn to wed invitation professionals to ensure a satisfying experience.

Do you need a photo session?

Realistic images, from nature to your pre-wedding photos, can be the defining element of your invitations. Or they can choose illustrations, watercolor portraits, caricatures, and animals. This way they can give their invitations an elegant, rustic, vintage, romantic, or fun aesthetic, according to the images they prefer to represent them.

Marry the wedding theme

Match your invitation designs with the features your classic wedding invites will have. Any thematic element they have chosen will be valid as long as it is integrated without fanfare.

Integrate into the design the color of the wood that will be present in all the decoration, the aroma of the flowers of the bridal bouquet, the photos of those trips with which they will set the reception venue… As soon as they see the impact caused by their wedding invitations, they will want to order their original wedding favors right away. What a lovely wedding!

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