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Newborn Boomer Boots

The year ended up being 1967, and I was more than a decade old. I wanted a pair of tall white go-go boots with a zipper up the back above all else in the world. I am sure this desire was fueled by the popular song of the day being sung by Nancy Sinatra: All these boots are made for taking walks, and that’s just what they’ll accomplish. The Best Guide to find toddler winter boots.

One of these days, this footwear will walk all over anyone. ” I didn’t understand what that meant at the time, but it had a tough and highly effective ring that looked appealing to me as a teenage girl in a world where there was much talk about equal rights for girls.

The idea of a mainstream vogue boot was revolutionary back then. Before the go-go boot became popular, women wore boots to travel horseback riding or to deal with wet or snowy weather conditions. Thinking about drawing attention to women’s lower limbs as a fashion statement was very daring. Go-go boots had been all the rage.

There were dancers in popular TV shows like Hullabaloo and Shindig that would come in fancy footwear. They might also appear in teen mags with the latest teenager heartthrobs, like David Cassidy, Herman’s Hermits, or the Monkees on the cover.

Coming from a group of five children with a dad who made a measly salary as a college teacher, I thought it unlikely I would get those boots without having some heavy campaigning on the part. Neither my mother nor father was inclined to put away money for anything that was not a complete necessity, and I was pretty sure that go-go shoes would not qualify as such. But, to my great surprise, the begging and pleading had been rewarded with a knock-away pair of go-go boots using the zipper on the inside of the lower leg.

Granted, they were only ankled joints high, and the bottoms had been extremely stiff and unpleasant, but I wore them with great delight and pleasure, and the phrase “strutting your girlfriend stuff” would provide an accurate picture of my mood.

I recognize that those boots helped me feel light and buoyant, and I have since unearthed that the term go-go is often derived from the ancient French word “la gogue,” which means joy and happiness. They are a perfect representation of the happy depart present in the prosperous American economy of the write-up war era of the 60s.

My mother thought people’s boots were completely flip, which made all of these books the more appealing to my small rebellious pre-teen self. My mother’s generation is able to have the same life experiences as my generation. Her getting older somehow lacked the complexity and sex appeal rewarded to my systems’ younger and hipper women. It was a new day; yes, it seemed like girls could do whatever it takes and certainly lots of stuff they couldn’t or didn’t do before this modern day.

There is a certain essential enjoyment and happiness that I trust is at the core of a female baby boomer’s energy and one that has been lost for numerous of us. Somewhere along the way, concerning “The Wonder Years” along with the “Trailblazing Years,” as we manufactured our way through the Galerie and mazes of males dominated professions, careers in addition to institutions, we tried to hold our internal compass, condition, and joy alight. Conceivably I need to look for a pair of regular go-go boots to get my very own head in the right place. However, maybe it is just about having my head in the best place regardless of how my body is clothed.

Here are what’s playing within my head right now: my happy little self dancing in my treasured white footwear as the music plays out, “these shoes or boots are made for walking… inches

Dr . Doreen Borseth, POWER, has been a leader in the field of inside Mind-Body medicine for over twenty-five years. She is passionate about helping ladies Grow Bolder, Not More mature, and Love the Life they Could be Living.

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